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Do You Love Makeup? Check out my Ipsy Bag

If you said yes, an Ipsy Glam Bag might be good for you!

What is an Ipsy Glam Bag? Ipsy is one of the many monthly beauty subscriptions. When you sign up for your Ipsy bag you may have to really think to yourself “do I want to spend $110 on a full year of monthly surprises?” or do you often feel as though commitment is an issue in your life and think “I’ll just pay $10 a month for my fabulous surprises!” Luckily, on top of the great price, shipping is included!

If you are like me and wish to only pay $10 a month, your $10 will ALWAYS be taken out of your account on the first of every month. If there is ever a month where you wish to not purchase your Ipsy bag, you are able to cancel your subscription up to the day before your payment will be deducted. It usually takes a week or two for you to receive your pretty pink package in the mail.

In that bright and pretty pink bag you will receive that months make up bag choice.

In your makeup bag you will receive 5 travel and/or full sized items. There is a selection of products you may receive in your bag, but Ipsy will try to give you products you specifically will use based on a preference quiz you took when you signed up. You are able to change your preferences whenever you wish as well just in case your style changes. Since I am open to just about anything and I am trying to experiment with new products; I clicked everything I could while completing the quiz. That way my monthly bags are always different products to try. Of course there is always a chance where you receive a product you just really do not like, if that happens you can spread the Ipsy kindness to a friend that might like that beauty product.

When you receive your monthly products, you are able to write a review of each item. Ipsy will ask whether or not you liked the product, brand, shade, and other things to help make your monthly glam bag more specific to what you like. Also, every time you write a review, along with many other things, you gain points that you can save up to redeem for a full-size product that they offer.

Was this article convicing? If so, go to Ipsy.com to subscribe to your own personalized Ipsy glam bag! I have been receiving my Ipsy bags for a few months and I have not regretted it since! If you have some money to spare month to month, I highly recommend signing up for your own personalized Ipsy glam bag! 

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