6 Ways to Relieve Your Stress

With finals around the corner your stress levels can be on high alert. Here are some things that can help you deal with the stress

1 ) Treat yourself!

Whether it’s a trip to the mall, a pampering session, or getting some sweets to eat, do it. It will make you feel good and help you relax. It’s also a good way to reward yourself from all your hard work.

2 ) Get your sleep on

With all your studying its hard to make sure you go to bed at a decent time and get enough rest. Try setting an early bed time to make sure you get some good zzz’s.

3 ) Don’t procrastinate!

It’s easy to push things off and wait last minute to do them. if you wait too long to study or do your final projects or papers that will cause you even more stress. Try to plan out times where you are going to study or do your work, this way you aren’t scrambling to get things done.

4 ) Get together with your friends

Everyone gets stressed during the last week of classes and finals, so why not get together with some friends. This can relieve your stress and let you have some fun and forget about everything going on with school.

5 ) Try exercising

Exercising is a great way to relieve your stress. Even if its just walking around campus or spend some time on the elliptical it can help you relieve your stress and get your mind off of everything and it helps you get in shape too.

6 ) Take advantage of school programs

At my college they bring in therapy dogs every year during finals week. It helps relieve your stress and it makes you smile and happy. These things are made to help relieve your stress and make finals week go smooth for you.