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Here are a few essential items that every girl boss needs in her life!


A Great Organizer or Planner




Every girl boss knows that life can get crazy sometimes.  A planner or day organizer helps to keep everything straight and makes sure that you never miss an event or deadline.  


A Giant (and Cute) Bag

Every girl boss has a million things to do in a day, which means carrying a million things too.  Why not carry all those items in a super cute bag?


A Water Bottle

Girl bosses are always on the go moving from one important thing to the next.  It is super important to stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day.


A Portable Charger

Communication is key for all girl bosses.  A phone can be a girl boss’s best friend, but a dead battery is her worst enemy.  To avoid ever being stranded without a phone, every girl boss needs a portable charger.  


A Girl Boss Anthem

Every girl boss needs their own anthem: a song they can play anytime they need a boost.  Any song that gets you pumped up and excited for the day works.


A Sleep Mask or Some Cozy Slippers

At the end of every busy day, a girl boss has to get some sleep so she can start all over again.  Sometimes we all need a little help relaxing. Girl bosses should take some time for themselves every night to keep themselves healthy and happy.

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