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5 Things that Make me Feel Flawless

There are a few things that make me feel like a flawless female just about every day. These things are by no means “necessary,” they just make me happy with life.

1.      A bomb face-full of makeup

Some days I like a little, some days I like a full-fledged face. Depends on what I’m wearing mainly.


2.      Music

Particularly really influential women from the past and present that make meaningful music, what else is better than that?


3.      Cute shoes

I just feel really cool walking around campus with nice kicks, ya feel me?


4.      A killer lipstick shade

It makes a statement and people stop and have to stare. Imagine wearing the most daring purple lipstick to class… People have to look at you.


5.      “Chick-Flicks”

I used to find this term offensive but now I feel the complete opposite. Who doesn’t love any genre movie with a kick a*s female playing the lead role? Example: Beyoncé Knowles in the movie Obsessed.

Senior @ Clarion, studying Communications & Journalism. I sing in my school's A Cappella group, I play the ukulele and I love Her Campus with my whole heart. 
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