10 Things I Learned My First Week Of Freshman Year


Although I've only been at college a short time, there are a few things I have definitely discovered to be true.  

  1. Taking the classes you like actually does lead to a more enjoyable year.  It’s true what they say, “time flies when you’re having fun.” Taking courses this semester that I have an interest in has made going to class not only better, but the classes feel shorter.   

  2. Get to class early.  I quickly discovered that while some people sit in the same seat everyday, others do not. I was running late to my biology lecture one morning and found that “my” second row seat was not empty. Let’s just say, I left for that class 5 minutes earlier the next day.  

  3. Everyone is nervous.  Remember how you checked six times on Monday morning if you had your calculator or notebook before you left for class? Yep, so did all the other freshmen. It isn't about how scared you are to go to your classes, it's about getting there, pushing past the fear, and doing your best.  

  4. Clubs can make or break you.  Joining clubs should be approached like Goldilocks and the bowls of porridge. Too few clubs and you miss out on opportunities and friendships. Too many clubs and you get overwhelmed very quickly. You have to find the number that fits you and still allows you to do school work and maintain a social life.

  5. Planners and reminders are your best friend.  I bought a planner for this year and it is already covered in information. You can transfer all your testing dates and your work or club  schedules to it so they are all in one place. I use mine at least four times a day. I also recommend setting up an online calendar and getting reminders sent to your phone so you never miss anything.  

  6. Naps are a dangerous game (but totally worth it).  There have been too many times to count that I have woken up from my “20 minute” nap to discover I have been unconscious for 2 hours instead. If you’re like me, I don’t recommend napping in between classes. That being said, naps are a beautiful part of life and no one can really tell you not to so nap as much as your heart desires, or how ever much you need after only getting three hours of sleep.  

  7. You really do have to study every night.  I did not believe my college friends when they told me this either, but it’s true. I have officially studied more in the first three weeks of college than I did my whole senior year of high school.   

  8. There’s always something going on.  No matter what you are interested in, your college probably offers something you’ll enjoy. Paying attention to what events and activities are happening on campus is important if you want to get involved or try something new.  

  9. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness.  College is hard. Even the first couple of weeks are difficult. Professors are here to help you. Tutors are here to help you. They won’t judge you for reaching out, they’ll commend you for putting in the extra effort for your grades.

  10. It really is as amazing as everyone says.  Although it can be stressful, college is an awesome place to reinvent yourself, better yourself, or just have some fun. Who doesn't love college?