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Taking the Wheel of a TV Outlet? Let’s Hear it From Teh Aik Hui!

Among the student media teams at our university, City OnScreen is on a good roll this year. The TV outlet at City is producing new shows and new videos more than ever, and you can check out their YouTube channel for yourself if you don’t believe me!

The new enthusiastic team is spearheaded by Teh Aik Hui, energetic lass from Malaysia and 3rd year journalism student. Let’s see how she rocks being the editor of City OnScreen and have fun doing it!

What possessed you (because we all know it is a lot of work) to be the new editor of City OnScreen? I was in City OnScreen last year as a regular contributor and I totally fell in love! At first I only joined because I was kind of forced into it, but the moment I picked up a camera and started filming I realised that it was actually really fun. And yes, it is a LOT of work but I'm enjoying the immense stress and pressure.

What do you like most about TV and the student media team? TV is definitely my favourite medium to work with. Filming is an absolute joy for me. I love picking out the best shots and editing clips into a video, it almost makes lugging around heavy equipment 24/7 worth it. Almost. (I swear carrying equipment around is the only exercise I do nowadays) As for the student media team, my favourite part is probably working with other students. Being around their enthusiasm and encouragement makes me very happy to be editor of City OnScreen. 

What are you hoping to achieve this year for City OnScreen? I have my eye on the SU Student Media Awards. City OnScreen has never really won any major awards in the past. I think we won 'Most Improved' once a long long time ago, and I would love it if we could get any award when I'm editor (that would be a great ego boost!). I'm also really hoping I'll be able to establish a stronger presence for City OnScreen this year and let more students know about us. Even if I accomplish neither of those things, if I manage to keep it alive and going until the end of the academic term I'll be happy enough!

Being an editor obviously takes a lot of time and effort. How do you find a balance between university, TV and social life (if you still have any, I know I pretty much dont anymore)? Social life? What social life? It takes an incredible amount of time and effort - a lot more than I thought it would. Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how to balance everything. Right now, the hardest part is definitely trying to make sure my university work doesn't suffer as a result of City OnScreen. I'm at uni from 10 in the morning until 9 in the evening almost every single day, and that includes weekends, as I have class, meetings, film shoots and editing to do. It really burns me out and some days I'm utterly exhausted, but I'm having a lot of fun at the same time. But I've given up on my social life... Otherwise I think I might have exploded.

Im sure you have more social life than you let on! Tell us about your other interests outside uni. My other interests include consuming mass amounts of sugar (usually in the form of chocolate and candy) and singing in the shower. Also, spending a lot more than I should on clothes. 

Shopping and chocolate! I’m hardly one to judge. How about any funny quirks/habits or just general weirdnessI have a tongue piercing so I have this really bad habit of biting it almost CONSTANTLY. Apparently it makes a really annoying, loud clicking noise. All my friends can attest to it. 

Youre on your third year… So to end the interview, I’m gonna ask you for advice to fellow students who might be struggling (read drowning in coursework) this year? They can probably give me better advice. All I can say is if you're drowning in coursework, I'm drowning right there beside you. No advice, just solidarity. Soz?

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