Things College Students Do on Snow Days

Only one week of school has passed, and we’ve had two delays or cancellations from snow. If the weather keeps it up (and hopefully it does) we’ll have more than one snow day to look forward to this semester. I’ve always fallen under the impression that with every snow day, I’ll get one day ahead of my school work and extracurricular activities. But for some reason, that’s never the case (if it’s the case for any of you, please give me some pointers). As college students, let’s admit we all pretty much do the same 10 things on snow days:

1. Wake up at one in the afternoon and stumble into the kitchen (or to your dorm room refrigerator) and chow down on breakfast instead of lunch.

2. Say you’ll watch only *one episode* of your favorite Netflix show and instead watch six, only dragging yourself away to eat some leftover pizza or something.

3. Pull out your homework and look at everything you have to do, stare at it for ten minutes and then decide that it will still be there in a few hours, so you’ll do it then.  

4. Do something small that’s entirely unnecessary, but that makes you feel accomplished; like using a Q-tip to clean your keyboard.

5. Stare into the fridge and pantry for like twenty minutes to figure out what sounds good to eat, when what you really want is Cane’s (girl don’t have money).

6. Download a bunch of random game apps on your phone only to scroll through Pinterest for an hour instead.

7. Admire all the “Interesting Finds” on Amazon and wonder which ones you could get away with buying.  

8. Tear your room apart in order to reorganize everything and put it back together in the exact same way.

9. Text or call people you probably haven’t talked to in a month, then panic when they answer the phone and you don’t know what to say.

10. Dress up and do your makeup all on point before going outside to realize that you’ll freeze you a** off in the snow if you go out.


 If you get bored of doing the above ten things on a snow day, try the following for a change!

  1. Set a bottle of vodka (or whatever alcohol you have on hand) on the front porch and see how long it takes to freeze.

  2. See how many clothespins you can pin onto your roommate’s shirt before he or she notices it. Note: they must be wearing the shirt.

  3. Delete all unnecessary emails from your inbox, organize all the folders on your computer, and clear off your desktop.

  4. Go on Tinder, Bumble, or whatever, and see how many people you can message with The Office quotes before they realize you’re quoting The Office.

  5. Grab a friend and tell them the directions to an easy recipe that they have to make while blindfolded.

  6. Plan a weekend trip with friends to Nashville or Chicago.

  7. Go to Target or Walmart with a group of people, divide into teams, and have a scavenger hunt of who can find a list of the most bizarre products first.

  8. Give yourself a fake tan and tell people you spent the weekend in Florida.

  9. Write letters to your friends on co-op, or your family back at home.

  10. And last but not least, do homework ;)


Hopefully, we'll have plenty of snow days, and plenty of fun!




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