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Sarah Jankowski: UC CHAARG

Meet Sarah Jankowski! Sarah is involved with UC CHAARG, a group of motivated and outgoing women who are dedicated to their health and have a passion for fitness. CHAARG stands for “Changing Health, Attitudes, + Actions to Recreate Girls” and can be found at 29 universities in the US. The group aims to “liberate girls from the ellipitical + show them that fitness can be fun!” according to their national website. Sarah shares in this passion and enjoys bringing all this positive energy to campus.  



HCWhat year are you?  



HCWhat is your major/minor? 

SJMarketing and International Business with a minor in Information Systems! 


HCWhy did you chose UC? 

SJI knew I wanted to go to school on an urban campus in a city because I’m not very good at being bored. Cincinnati has so much to offer + I fell in love with our campus.  


HCFavorite Memory at UC? 

SJThe Smash Mouth concert during Welcome Weekend in Fall 2014 – my friends + I got to Sigma Sigma Commons literally 10 minutes before they went on + somehow made it to the front row by the opening song. How can you not love the song All Star?! 



HCHow did you get started in the program? 

SJI joined CHAARG my first semester at UC as a freshman after talking to a few girls about it at the rec center. It wasn’t long [like maybe 2 weeks] before I became obsessed with CHAARG and all that this organization stands for. I went on to apply for a position on the Exec Team + become the Secretary as a freshman! 


HCWhat is your official position in the program and what are your responsibilities? 

SJMy official position is the Ambassador, or president, of our chapter at UC. My main responsibilities include overseeing + assisting the Exec Team, serving as a liaison between our chapter and National CHAARG, + communicating with all of our amazing members. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to: radiating positive vibes, promoting a healthy lifestyle, + helping college aged women find their fit at UC. 


HC: And what is your favorite part of being in CHAARG? 

SJThis is the most difficult question! I have to say the positive vibes that I get to surround myself with 3+ times a week. Whether I’m at a Studio Spotlight, Small Group, or meeting with the Exec Team, I am constantly smiling. The uplifting and motivating atmosphere at our events truly make our organization unique + I am so grateful to be a part of it! I also love meeting and building relationships with girls from all different majors, ages, + backgrounds who I would never have the chance to meet if it were not for CHAARG. 


HCWhat would you say to girls that want to be a part of CHAARG? 

SJJOIN, JOIN, JOIN. COME SWEAT + INSPIRE WITH US! I truly believe that CHAARG is for every girl: every fitness level, every age, + every schedule. Between Studio Spotlights, Small Groups, + a Chapter Retreat, you will 100% *find your fit* while making new friends, setting goals, + ultimately becoming the best [+healthiest] version of yourself. When you join CHAARG, you not only become a valuable part of our CHAARG community at UC, you also become a member of the National community of 5000+ empowering women from all over the country. We’re not the girls at the gym who hop on the elliptical for an hour, we’re the girls are owning the phrase “strong is the new sexy” while supporting the “treat yo’self” lifestyle because we all need a cupcake every once and awhile. Head to chaarg.com to read more about this life-changing movement // sign up for UC CHAARG! 




Follow UC CHAARG on Twitter for more information or just some fitness motivation!  


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Julia is a senior at the University of Cincinnati and studies communication, psychology, and sociology. She has a passion for writing and is very excited to be a part of the Her Campus Cincinnati chapter! Other than Her Campus, Julia is also inolved with the UC Career Development Center and works at a YMCA as a swim coach.