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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cincinnati chapter.

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to start taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Some of you may have already started running outside or laying out in the middle of campus, but what better way to celebrate the month of April than by having a picnic!

Picnics may seem kind of cliché or cheesy, but only if you make them like that. You don’t need some handsome date to swoop you off your feet and find the most perfect location to have a romantic picnic.

All you need to have the picture perfect picnic is…

1.     A good location

There are plenty of good parks in the Cincinnati area for a picnic, such as Eden Park. That is a beautiful spot for a picnic! However, you can always have a picnic right here on campus. There is plenty of green space at McMicken Commons or Sigma Sigma where you can pop a squat and make it your Eden Park.

2.     A good meal

Whether you pick up some take-out beforehand or prepare the meal yourself, you have got to have that yummy, delicious food. Pack an assortment of colorful fruit and maybe some sandwiches too; or grab a chipotle burrito and I’m sure you’d enjoy that too.

3.     A proper carrier

Everyone always thinks you need a cute picnic basket to have a cute picnic. Wrong. Put your food in a cooler if needed or even a paper bag; whatever will make your life easier so you don’t have to lug all the food and drinks. But hey, if you have a cute picnic basket already, props to you!

4.     A good pal

If you have one friend to come, great! If you have more than one to come, even better! The more the merrier for a picnic! This is the perfect opportunity for friends to get together, hang out and eat some good food.

5.     A good game

After the good meal is done, you can now continue to enjoy the beautiful day with a game of Frisbee or corn hole with your friends.  You can burn off those calories and have a great time while doing so!


We hope you all have a wonderful and lovely April and go outside and enjoy the warm weather!




Morgan is a third year at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Magazine Journalism with a minor in Communication.  From the start, she has always loved to read and write but now being able to do it at UC means so much more.  She aspires to work in editing or publishing one day and being an editor of HerCampus Cincinnati is definitely helping her pursue those lifelong dreams!  "Dwell in Possibility." -Emily Dickinson