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Student Spotlight: Tristan Bacha

Name: Tristan Bacha Hometown: Lower Bank, New Jersey Major: Chemical Engineering Age: 21 Year: Senior Favorite Color: Chartreuse Favorite...

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Senior Series: Evan Hanson!

This week we sat down with yet another senior, Evan Hanson! Read on to hear about his favorite professors and what he'll miss about being a...

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Kenyon Profile: Audrey Neubauer ’19

Year: First-Year Age: 19 Hometown: Langley, Washington Prospective Major/Minor: Anthropology with a maybe English minor HCK: How have you...

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A Flickin’ Nuts Cutie: Kat Watson

Meet Kat, a junior psychology major who loves Ultimate Frisbee and dogs! Basics: Name: Kat Watson Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia (Specifically...