I Created a LinkedIn, What Now?


LinkedIn is utilized as the world’s largest networking tool for 500 million professionals to connect with one another. On the platform, one can connect, message, post, and even land a job. It is free and easy to create an account, but to obtain and maintain your professional identity is a whole other ballpark. 

How do I create a meaningful post? 

On LinkedIn, it can seem intimidating to post content since it is seen by such a wide number of professionals. Many posts are geared towards job announcements and personal testimonials of one’s successes. 

The rule of thumb to follow is to hold yourself accountable to every piece of content you put out. It may be seen by both current and future employers. Be honest and genuine but understand your audience and that LinkedIn is professional and polished. 

What is an effective header? 

When one clicks onto your profile, it will show your name and also a header underneath that is a brief description of who you are. This header is the first point of judgement and contact that connections have with you. 

For an effective header, shorter is best. This is not a time for a sentence or reiterate information that is already located on your profile in other sections. Students tend to put their University and year in school in their header, but that information can easily be placed in the brief description about yourself. For the header, you want to make sure that you are “worth” clicking into. 

“Aspiring PR Pro | Experienced Journalist | Problem-Solver”

With three main key points, recruiters can be intrigued and want to learn more, prompting them to connect with your bio and scroll onto your experience. 

Who do I connect with? 

A social media platform entails that you will be virtually connecting with other people. On LinkedIn, the relationships are professional, and the communication follows an email-style format. 

The connections are one of the biggest draws to the LinkedIn platform. Within a chain of three people, you can be connected with CEOs and lead recruiters of companies. The best people to connect with are alumni from your University, individuals in your “dream jobs”, fellow students and recruiters. 

When you send your invitation to connect, it is always a good idea to include a personalized message to ensure your authenticity and purpose behind wanting to add them to your network. 

Do I need a professional headshot?

In short, yes! LinkedIn is not a platform for your selfies or senior pictures to represent you. This platform is to not only promote yourself, but your personal brand as well. Your chance to make these big connections is based on the information in your profile and a picture truly speaks a thousand words. 

Worried about getting a headshot? No problem! There are many free headshots you can get done by fellow students and University Career Services. 

No one in my major uses LinkedIn, should I still get one? 

There is no such thing as too many connections in our connected world today. A LinkedIn profile is a link you can share on resumes, email signatures, business cards and a general conversation starter in interviews and networking events. 

Since there are over 500  million professionals on this platform, there is guaranteed to be at least one connection in your field. Our college years are not only to learn in the classroom but receive experience with networking as well. 

The LinkedIn platform is one, if utilized correctly, can leave you with a job in one hand and amazing, digital networking experience in the other.