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How to Prepare for Spring Break: the Mean Girls Way

Ahhhh…Spring Break 2015 is FINALLY here! We made it through the Snowmageddon and that time for sexy swim suits and ice cold margaritas by the beach is upon us. But if you’re anything like me, you might have some last minute packaging and shopping to do before you head to your vacay. Don’t worry! Her Campus Cincinnati got you covered and we are channeling our inner Mean Girls to make sure that you are ‘totally fetch’ for the beach and even if you are staying in the streets of Clifton, we all know you could use pepper spray (Seriously!). 

Regina George’s #1 Pick: Not Your Mother’s Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

Do you want to channel your inner Regina George this Spring Break? It is not easy being Queen Bee of the Beach but Not Your Mother’s Hair Shampoo & Conditioner will have your friends and all of your secret admirers talking about your flawless Instagram pics all spring break long. The Clean Freak Purifying shampoo and conditioner are healthy for your hair because they contain sulfate, paraben and dye free and made for all hair types. Both are infused with mint and raspberry extracts so not only will you look amazing but you will smell amazing too and of course, people will think you have insurance on your hair!


Gretchen Wieners’ #1 Pick: Completely Bare Beauty To Go Sample Wax Pack

There’s only two words to describe this product: So Fetch! Completely Bare Wax Pack is a must-have for those who are traveling anywhere warm or just for those who need to show their eyebrows some much needed love and attention. The best part is that these strips require no heat at all and they are mess-free: all you have to do is warm the strips in your hands, press and pull for smooth and beautiful skin. Oh Gretchen..thank you!

Karen Smith’s #1 Pick: Luna Bar

Karen..I don’t think you’ll need to have a fifth sense or be psychic to know that Luna Bars are perfect for an afternoon beach snack but it surely wouldn’t hurt either. My personal favorite is the Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar but you’ll have to try Lemon Zest, Chocolate Peppermint Stick, and the new Chocolate Cupcake flavor too, they are to die for. Whether you’re out on town in Miami or watching House of Cards for the entire break, these Luna bars are all you’re need for a healthy snack!


Cady Heron’s #1 Pick: Sabre Pepper Gel

Cady may be new to school and America but she is not new to the idea of staying safe over break. Cady’s number one pick is the SABRE Campus Safety Pepper Gel. It’s not only small enough to put into your purse but it’s cute and PINK (a Wednesday accessory maybe?). If you are staying in Clifton this break, you’ll need this SABRE gel especially when you and your girls are out late at night. 

Damian’s #1 Pick: Her Campus Shades

Aside from hiding your face from when you plan on saying or doing something outrageous, Her Campus shades are needed for any collegiette wanting to soak up the sun. Her Campus got you covered with their cute sunglasses perfect with any outfit! Our advice: Don’t go out and spend over $100 on Ray-Bans you end up losing on a drunken adventure when you can be stylish with our pink Her Campus shades and other Her Campus swag!

Janis Ian’s #1 Pick: Dirty Rush and The Intern’s Handbook 

For those who are crashing at home or opting for a quiet and relaxing Spring Break, you should check out Dirty Rush, a book about sorority life and all its glory from the author of the New York Times bestselling White Girl Problems series. Yes, you might be upset that your friends got to have an awesome time and drink awesome shooters and soak up each other’s awesomeness but at least you get to read the hottest new thriller, The Intern’s Handbook before they do since it’s about to be a major motion picture starring that hottie Dave Franco! 


Collegiettes, make sure you check out these amazing products that we mentioned because you defintely don’t want to end up in the Burn Book for not preparing for Spring Break the Mean Girl Way!




This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

Campus Correspondent and founder of Her Campus Cincinnati. Tyasia is a 5th year Spanish & Marketing student (sadly!). Lover of all things plaid! When she's not sipping on margaritas or eating mangos, she's jet setting around the world (All time favorite place: Guatemala!) Tyasia plans to make New York City her home sweet home after graduation to pursue a International or Fashion PR career! Keep up with her on Twitter @tyjenksss
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