How To Get Over Gym Intimidation

We’re almost three months into 2019 and new year resolutions tend to drop along with cherished gym memberships. According to U.S. News, about 80 percent of resolutions tend to fail by the second week of February with 65 percent of resolutions exercise-related. This is perfect timing. Perfect timing to keep those resolutions, especially fitness ones! But unfortunately, many newbies struggle with a popular excuse to avoid the gym called “gymtimidation.” This concept is described as a fear people experience when going to the gym because they think everyone is judging them whether it be their size, age, speed on the treadmill or weight of a dumbbell. While we all come encounter with the pro-cyclist on a stationary bike or too many uncomfortable groans coming from a gym rat lifting, no one should be afraid of striving to be their best self.

As someone who resides at a local gym for at least two hours a day, I never came across the problem of this gym anxiety. I was always there to push and better myself, which is the whole point of a gym. There is no need to feel nervous or anxious about an environment that is beneficial to everyone!

However, there can still be problems for those who are new to the iron pumping atmosphere. But have no fear, here are some simple and basic ways to keep that 65 percent at 65 percent!

Watch videos on how to use equipment

Many of the different forms of equipment and machines can seem scary and complicated. But before you hit the gym, you should know how to use muscle strengthening and enduring building resources. There are infinite videos online how to exactly use them and inform you of what these machines are exactly targeting and working on your body. Along with that, an employee at your gym/rec center would be more than happy to show you! Don’t be scared to ask. That’s what they are there for.

Get a routine

When you get to the gym, you want to know exactly what you’re doing in addition to equipment usage. You don’t want to waste time aimlessly wandering around seeing which machines you should use and ones to avoid (which you shouldn’t!). Granted, you don’t need assigned day for legs, chest, etc. But you want to know what you’re going to work at once you hit the gym. There are a variety of apps and websites ready to offer you rewarding and pushing routines.

It’s your body. You know what is best for it. Know your limit.

No one knows you better than you. With that being said, don’t jump on a machine as soon as an NFL linebacker replica without checking the weight or level the machine is on. Although it is good to push yourself, you should know how far you can.


We all started somewhere

As you look over the second floor of Planet Fitness and see a sea of jacked muscles and toned legs, you should remember that everyone there started somewhere! No one walked into the gym as a newbie with less than 10 percent body fat. We are all there for the same reason. We all want to better ourselves. Nobody is there to pay attention to anyone else besides themselves – hence the countless muscle mirror pics you see in your Tinder feed.

In general, to anyone new to the gym environment, you should be looking forward to going to the gym! It’s a place to sweat out stress, reach your full potential and find your possible happy place, like me! Just remember, no one is judging you, you’re doing great and if you keep this up, you’re only going to do better.