Finals as Told By "The Office"

Finals are right around the corner, which means stress, lots of ramen noodles, scattered papers, and more stress. Somehow, among all the hustle and bustle that is the last two weeks of college, we still manage to find time to binge watch shows on Netflix. As distracting and enjoyable as it is, it's not always in our best interest. So here are some GIFs from "The Office" to satisfy your Netflix cravings and put you on a faster track towards studying and success.

1. The moment you realize that you have two weeks until summer. 

2. Then you realize that those two weeks are actually filled with stress incarnate.3. So you do all the planning and organizing the world to prepare for the upcoming weeks.4. Then you start working diligently, sometimes forgetting to eat or you know... go to the bathroom until the last possible second.5. But then you get distracted...6. And then you start bothering your roommates and procrastinate even more.7. And then exams arrive and you just want to be done.8. And then somehow exams are over.

 9. After exams, when you realize you're never going to use anything you crammed for ever again.


If you're struggling, just remember this: