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Eating Out Green

When people discover I’m a vegetarian, the first thing they always ask me is, “What do you eat?!” For all of you curious meat-eaters out there, here is the answer:

There’s a big misconception that if you don’t eat meat, there’s nothing left but cabbage and turnips. While I do eat a lot of vegetables, I also enjoy allowing myself cheat days. There is a plethora of vegetarian options everywhere you go, and Clifton is no exception! Here are some of my favorite picks.

1) Buffalo Wild Wings: 200 Calhoun St.

If you’re ever craving a big, juicy burger but want to remain respectful of our furry friends, look no further than Buffalo Wild Wings! While your friends pick at their boneless wings, you’ll have a hard time getting a hold on B-Dubs’ massive black bean burger. While a lot of veggie burgers are dry and hard, their black bean option is moist and thick like a real beef patty! It’s time to chow down! (Hint: you can substitute any regular burger option for a black bean burger.)

2) Pieology: 128 W McMillan St.

Restaurants across the country are falling in line with Chipotle and Subway’s “build your own” philosophy, making a vegetarian diet easier to accommodate than ever before. Recently, Clifton gained another unique “build your own” option called Pieology. This pizza joints offers thin-crust, artisan-style pizza with unlimited topping options for under $10.  With colorful ingredients laid out before you, the only thing you have to do is point! My personal favorite:

– Marinara sauce

– Cilantro

– Black olives

– Pineapple

– Tomato

3) Smiling Moose Deli: 200 W McMillan St.

As a past employee of this relatively new sandwich joint, I was allowed to take home an entrée of my choice every night, so I decided to experiment. Ever had a vegetarian Rueben? Order the Rueben and ask to take off the meat along with the cheese if you’re opting for a vegan dish. Ask them to add avocado and artichoke hearts, and voilà—vegetarian and delicious! (You can do this with any sandwich on their menu. Have fun with it!)

4) Cilantro: 235 W McMillan St.

Clifton is full of diversity, and it shows it in its food! Here, in Midwest USA, is Cilantro—affordable Vietnamese cuisine. With vegetarian and vegan options, this restaurant is a no-brainer for many veggie-loving Cliftonites looking for awesome food on a budget (out the door under $10!). Though I’ve tried many items on their menu, my favorite remains the stir-fry bowl. It comes with your choice of noodles (gluten free options are available), colorful veggies, and one of their yummy sauces! And the best way to end your meal: a battered, fried banana with Nutella. NUTELLA.

Some of these vegetarian-friendly restaurants may have surprised you, but with the growing number of eateries partaking in the health food craze, delicious, meat-free dishes may begin to take up a lot more space on the menu!

Do you have a favorite veggie-friendly restaurant? Let us know in the comments below—we’d love to hear from you! 

*Photos courtesy of Flickr and Smiling Moose Deli


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