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It’s no secret that we have all at one point or another been pretty stressed here recently. With a constantly changing environment it’s hard to take time to relax. I often find that I need a lighter T.V. shows that gets my mind off things and in a positive place. Don’t get me wrong I love my true crime & criminal minds – but sometimes I need a positive break – or to just laugh at something. These shows are great for mindless watching, background noise, or a lighter toned drama that doesn’t hit home.  Happy ‘watching’! 

1. Hell’s Kitchen – seems counter intuitive right. But this show is actually great to watch. It isn’t stressful like most reality T.V. shows and the teams drama is very light compared to most T.V. – also seeing all the yummy food is a plus! 

2. Chowder – This show is great to watch if you are trying to have a laugh or it's late at night. It has essentially no solid plot line so you can start anywhere and understand what’s going on. Also you will grow to love all the characters. The art and special effects mixed with multi-media is super unique! 

3. Fixer Upper – Maybe it’s because recently I have been going through an interior design phase but I have been loving this show! The couple aims to take old houses and make them into beautiful ones for their clients. It is based in Texas so the homes are always so beautiful and the couple is super cute! 

4. Shameless – I love this show! It does have a plot line though so I would recommend paying attention a bit but this show is so good. It follows a low class family in Chicago dealing with their alcoholic father and crazy family dynamic. It’s funny, the story line is great, and the inclusivity is also awesome in this show. Instead of the typical American T.V. family it shows quite literally the opposite. 

5. Big Mouth – This show is a little too relatable. If you haven’t heard of Big Mouth yet I’m not sure how! It’s a super hilarious cartoon that follows a group of young teens with stories that are pretty spot on. I know it sounds weird but honestly with a 99% rating on rotten tomatoes stop wasting time & turn on that T.V.!  Plus it features the voice talents of Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph and more!

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