Schedule It

I did a How I Utilize My Planner article last semester and a 3 Ways to Organize Your Life two semesters ago, so it’s time to do another get-your-life-together article.




If you have many commitments, it’s difficult not to spread yourself too thin. It’s especially a pain to hang out with two or more friend groups. I found visually scheduling myself makes life so much easier.     


I personally like scheduling in thirty minute intervals because I mostly complete tasks in that time frame. I input my classes and work schedule in first because these are definite times. Then I fill in other tasks as needed. I have a mostly online internship, so I have to make time to complete my weekly tasks. I also have homework, meals and sleep. I want to have enough time to write and hang out with friends.



It may sound like a lot listing what you want to have time for, but it makes sure you have realistic goals. If it doesn’t fit in your schedule, maybe it’s time to get rid of that unnecessary task or reduce time from other tasks. I talked about the Eisenhower box in my 3 Ways to Organize Your Life article, but it’s seriously a great protizer. It’s an eye opener to what’s really important and what can be dropped or done when you have time.


Lastly, remember that no plans are 100% definite. You need wiggle room. Plus no one needs a jam pack schedule. Not only is that stressful, I can’t see someone surviving from that.