3 Ways to Organize Your Life

Sometimes life can get out of hand and leave us looking like crazies. Deadlines are missed, appointments forgotten, meals skipped and you are lucky if you can get a solid 3 hours of sleep. These are 3 tips to organize your life.

1. Use a planner

It might seem tedious to use a planner, but it is a real life organizer. Plus there are tons of different types of planners. You can pick up a low maintenance one from places like CVS, Target, or Walmart, or you can get a legit one from companies like Erin Condren or Plum Paper so you can customize your own. You might have to try out different formats to find the one that fit you, but they can be fun to decorate.

2. Use your phone calendar

If you are a millennial, 9 times out of 10 you have your phone either in your hand or within a foot of yourself. You can use this to your advantage. Made a verbal appointment with someone? Put it in your phone calendar and add a reminder. The reminder should be the amount of time it takes you to both get ready and get there. This will assure that you’ll remember and get there on time.

3. Try the Eisenhower box

This is probably the easiest way to determine what is important and what needs to be done now or later. You’ll be surprise at how many things you can toss off your to do list just by using this box. Take your basic to do list and put them into this box as you see fit then start with the critical & urgent box.