Tips To Reverse The Freshman 15

The freshman 15 is a real threat when it comes to starting college. Unlimited food per meal, cookies and nobody telling you to eat healthy. This whole combo can be dangerous. Although I’m not an expert, I’ve tried to lose weight for seven years without much progress. Since starting college, I have reversed the freshman 15 and lost 15 pounds. I know every body is different, but here is my advice for avoiding those extra pounds.

  1. Take the stairs whenever possible (even if you live on the fourth floor like me).

  2. Don’t deprive yourself of sweets, just limit them.

  3. Be aware of the white, processed carbs you’re eating. Try whole grain alternatives.

  4. Take advantage of having an on-campus gym.

  5. Get on the reusable water bottle bandwagon, and drink A LOT of water.

  6. Definitely take advantage of unlimited dishes in the caf, but try not to make yourself too full every meal.

  7. Limit yourself to two snacks per day. Make only one of them a carby snack like crackers, but then have the second one be higher in protein like peanut butter or hummus.  

  8. If you feel hungry, drink water first and that will tell you if you were actually hungry in the first place.

  9. Eat regularly as often as you can. Although it’s not always avoidable, skipping meals will cause you to eat more later in the day.

  10. Remember to keep a balance. It’s okay to have indulgences, but for the most part, pay attention to what you’re eating.