Pumpkin Spice with Colds That Are Not-So-Nice…

Fall is a beautiful season with the crisp air and changing leaves, but with the chilled weather comes contagious colds and flus.  

Everyone adores fall’s cool relief over the scorching summer heat, but an overwhelming number of people immediately get sick with a cold when the temperature drops below 75 degrees. As college students, people constantly surround us: roommates, classmates, coworkers…there is nowhere to run that a cold cannot catch you! With midterms around the corner and papers due, no one can afford this contagious disturbance. Here are different methods to boost your immunity and keep these pathogens away!  


1. A Healthy Diet

Not only will you have a body ready for next summer's bikini, but it will also be filled with vitamins and minerals. Indulge in nutritious meals to produce more white blood cells so germs can be successfully destroyed. Even though midnight Domino’s runs hit the spot, greasy junk food increases your risk of germ contamination.  


2. Meditation and Aerobic Exercises

Stress is the worst thing for your immune system, but let’s get real…we are college students; stress is our middle name. Meditation and simple, aerobic exercises (walking, yoga, etc.) can help you relax by taking your mind off of homework and studying. Stress seems to work as a distraction to the body: all energy is focused on the stressor rather than fighting off unwanted illnesses and infections. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to hit the gym everyday; some easy stretches and deep breathing before bedtime can easily do the trick! 


3. Hydrate

One tip: coffee does NOT count! Always carry a water bottle around with you so you can flush out as many germs as possible!   


4. Essential Oils

A hot bath with essential oils can be AMAZING after a long day, but we are in college…if communal bathrooms had bathtubs, that would be seriously disgusting. You don’t even need a humidifier! Just get a fairly large bowl, fill it with hot water, add several drops of your preferred essential oil, put your face in the warm steam, and enjoy! Scents I would recommend include:  

Eucalyptus—helps with coughs and relieves congestion  

Lemon—can reduce a fever to help get rid of those sweats and chills

Lavender—helps reduce anxiety and insomnia


When living in a shared space with several people, disinfectants are your superheroes! When you’re finished reading, head over to Costco and buy a lifetime supply of Clorox wipes and Lysol sprays. Make sure you keep up with your laundry to keep germs off of your sheets and clothes. Most importantly, never stop washing your hands!   


These methods have been my shield from the airborne germs! I have passed by too many sneezing, coughing, and sniffling college students this week, and I definitely have severe flu anxiety. Share this article with anyone and everyone to keep you as cold-free as possible!