Perfectionist Pet Peeves

Are you like Monica Geller and need to do things your way? In one way or another, we can all be perfectionists. Sometimes we just need to fix something in order to satisfy ourselves and move on. If someone does something in a way we don’t like, we get the urge to redo it to make it perfect. As Monica herself said, “If I’m harsh with you, it’s only because you're doing it wrong.”

When the door isn’t closed all the way.

Just that little crack annoys you so much you have to get up to close it all the way. 

​When people don't know the difference between “there,” “their” and “they’re.”

This also goes for “your” and “you’re,” and people should know the difference and when to use each of them properly. 

If it isn’t color-coordinated or is missing a color.

Blue can’t go between red and orange -- that’s not the way the rainbow is! 

When a button isn’t buttoned.

It’s fine if it’s the top button on a button-up shirt, but if it’s a random one in the middle, that needs to be fixed. 

Chairs that aren’t pushed in all the way.

It looks cleaner and neater when everything is organized. 

That one hanger sticking out.

Just seeing it stick out makes you get the urge to push it down. 

When something isn’t perfectly straight.

If it isn’t at a perfect 90° angle or perfectly centered, it’ll need some adjusting. 

The little wrinkle on a shirt.

You can’t take your eyes off of it once you see it. 

Labels not all facing the right way.

Like at the candy section in a store when all of the candy bars are just tossed into the box without showing the label or it’s upside down. 

When that one hair is sticking out of someone else's head.

You feel the need to straighten it, but realize you can't without being creepy. 

From my experiences as a perfectionist in college, there isn’t always going to be enough time to fix everything to be the way you want it, but just remember to do the best you can since that’s what matters in the end.