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Dressing Ready to Impress: From the Classroom to the Weight Room

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapman chapter.

If you’re lazy like me, taking the time to change for the gym after a long day of work or school can discourage from wanting to go at all! I openly lived in my gym clothes all of high school, but while I was working it, it was clear I couldn’t openly wear my gym clothes no matter how much I wanted to. This didn’t stop my lazy self from hiding as many items as I could under my clothes just so I could avoid the changing room.



Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to be covered from head to toe not showing any skin, or need to have any fear of looking like a nun. Just look for shirts with collars that come up higher. Try not to wear v-neck t-shirts and other low cut tops to avoid showing the sports bra underneath your shirt. Boat necks, mock turtlenecks, and even sweaters will become your best friend.



To anyone around you, it might be clear that you have started to wear leggings on a regular basis, and this is okay. However, dressing them up will make it less obvious and is super simple! Adding a different pair of shoes is the best way to do this. Boots are my go to, but any shoes that can be worn with the same socks you will wear to the gym is perfect!



A jacket can be a game changer. Throwing on a simple jacket can make an outfit much more put together and add structure and texture to a look.  Layers, in general, give the illusion that you put more time into your appearance even when you certainly did not.



When in doubt, simply throwing on a big pair of sunnies dresses up any outfit. Feel free to give that look of “I’m busy running errands” even though you might have big plans to take a nap or sit and do absolutely nothing later.

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