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Dealing with Mid-Semester Homesickness

As the semester heats up with projects, essays, and midterms, you might start missing the hot meals, comfy bed, and relaxing environment of home. It’s totally natural to feel a bit homesick during these stressful college moments. Fortunately, it never lasts long and there are some useful tips to combat the homesickness. 
Schedule time for things you enjoy
When you’re buried under a blanket of stress, it’s easy to forgot to have fun, laugh, and enjoy life. Sitting alone, working on term paper all day will not help with homesickness. Schedule an hour to go to lunch with friends, see a movie, or go shopping. You’re less likely to spend time missing home when having fun.
Keep up healthy habits
It may not be a home-cooked meal, but make sure you’re eating well and exercising. It will make you feel more energized, less run-down, and reduce a longing of home. Remember mom would want you to eat those veggies!
Explore a new place
Go adventuring! Even if you’re in a time crunch, find a new restaurant, coffee shop, or boutique and check it out.
Take a study break and check in with friends and family from home. Fill them in on your life and vise versa.  
Remember, homesickness won’t last forever, keep smiling and you’ll get through those mid-semester stresses.
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