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6 Ways to De-Stress During Finals Week

If you have a lot due for finals week and already know that there’ll be a lot of work and stress on your plate, try to set out a designated time to try these de-stressing hacks during the most stressful time of the semester!


Do a face mask!

Honestly, I do face masks probably 4 times a week, and it makes me calm down and just chill for fifteen minutes. You can still write a paper with a mask, but it gives you time to just sit around and feel boujee on a budget.



For all you early birds, get yourself up to watch the sunrise!

Night owls, go for the sunset or just spend some time looking at the stars. Being in the presence of and simply appreciating nature really helps with de-stressing.


Play with a puppy!!

My friend and I were walking around a mall the other day and saw this adorable puppy; we literally sat with her for 45 minutes. Puppies are just so happy and carefree that afterwards, you feel like weights were lifted off your shoulders because the puppy set you free.



Go for a change of scenery.

Whether that means visiting a nearby small town you’ve never been to or packing up for the day to go to the beach, a small change can offer a new perspective and help calm you down. Just find some time to get away from your house, or wherever else you choose to study!



Instead of showering, take a bath and light some candles!

It’s so soothing to be in warm water with pleasant scents wafting all around you. You can even bring a nice book in if you’d like!


Watch a movie (or some hot guys) with your friends.

At night, when you fall into that “I’ve been working all day but still have a lot more to go” slump, call up another equally-stressed friend and just waste a couple hours watching Netflix or gossiping.


Hopefully some of these hacks will help you escape from the crushing pressure that finals week puts on students, and best of luck with your exams!


I love all things traveling, books, movies and adventuring!
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