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20 Thoughts Girls Have While at the Gym

1. Ponytail, check. Headphones, check. Let’s do this!

2. *Gets on treadmill* Time to do work. 

3. It’s been 9 minutes and I already can’t breathe. Cool. 

4. Wow that girl in front of me looks like such a beast running.

5. Do I look that athletic while I run?

6. Lol nah.

7. Shoot, I totally forgot about my breathing.

8. How long have I been breathing this heavy?

9. I’m going to casually step off this treadmill now because I feel like I’ve made the people next to me uncomfortable with my heavy breathing.

10. *Looks in the mirror* HOLY HELL! Is that what I look like right now?

11. Aaand every single person I know at Chapman is coming into the gym right now. Great.

12. Okay this inner/outer thigh machine is really awkward but I’m doing it anyway.

13. Wait, I instantly regret this decision.


15. Okay enough of that. Yoga mats.

16. What the – how can a person be that flexible?

17. K, while you do that, let me just try and touch my toes now.

18. Excuse me, to the dude lifting over by the weights, why are you yelling?

19. I’m tired. It’s been 45 minutes so I think I can leave now.

20. *Drives to In-N-Out*

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