10 Ways to Bond with Your Roommate: Second Semester

Even though it's already been a semester that you all have been living together, this doesn’t mean there isn’t more you can still learn from each other. Finding different and new bonding activities that you can do with each other can be difficult but not impossible!

1. Pamper day

Whether it’s face masks or nails, a pamper day is always necessary. Whether it’s because of stressful classes, or just because it’s been too long, always feel free to throw on some tunes and dedicate some time to de-stress together.

2. Movie Day(s) or Night(s)

A great way to get closer to your roommate(s) is to watch movies or a TV series that you both enjoy! You’ll bond over common interests and have long conversations about the movies and TV shows you watch.  

3. Shopping

Not everyone enjoys shopping, but whether it’s the mall or just a simple run to target, a quick trip together can be a great roommate activity. It’s simple errands, but spending a day together or just a few hours is great a way to hang out and talk while also getting stuff done. Just try not to break your bank while doing so.

4. Do a DIY

Find some DIY's that you can work on together! This is also a great idea for decorating your dorm room or living space with each other.

5. Join a Club

Joining something together can immediately give you and your roommate(s) a common interest to talk about. Not only this, but you can walk to the meetings and attend events together. Joining can be scary, but joining with your roommate can make it more fun!

6. Baking Parties

If you live on campus, utilize the on-campus kitchens to have little baking parties! If you live off campus with your roommate(s), have baking parties where you cook meals, and desserts for days while blasting your favorite music!

7. Go on Weekly Outings with Just You and Your Roommates

It doesn’t have to be every week, but every once in awhile, you and your roommate(s) should decide to do something fun together outside of the room! Go out together, check out a new coffee place or eat at a new restaurant. Doing something new can create a new experience you can bond over while also creating another place that you’ll know of for the future.

8. Photoshoots

Going on photo shoots with your roommate(s) is a fun way to bond, and is a great way to improve your Instagram feed!

9. Study dates

As college students, there’s always studying that needs to be done. With that in mind, you and your roommate(s) can keep each other in check and make sure you are all getting your work done. Go to a local coffee shop or simply walk to the study room, where ever you all feel that you can be the most productive.

10. Midnight Food Runs

Midnight food runs are a must for bonding with your roommate(s)! Take a study break and head on over to In-N-Out for a midnight snack! It is also a great time to have a deep conversation with your roommate and grow closer to each other.

Bonus: Make a Secret Handshake!

Having a fun secret handshake between you and your roommate(s) is a fun way to have a little something that is exclusive to you and your room.