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10 Thoughts You Have Four Weeks Into the Semester

It’s week four, and we already have so many thoughts about the semester.

  1. All of the rest and relaxation you got over break has dissipated and you are now back to being a ball of stress.

2. You thought you had mastered your schedule yet you still forget what room your stats class is in.

3. You thought your classes would be cool and exciting but most have turned into boring lectures.


4. A part of your daily schedule has turned into you calculating how many weeks, days and hours there are until summer break.

5. The “new semester resolutions” including going to the gym daily, no processed foods and studying for at least three hours a day have gone out the window.

6. You really miss your dog…

7. …and your family’s cooking.

8. You stopped going to the meetings of clubs you joined because you realized being in eight organizations might have been a little excessive.

9. The cute outfits have stopped and, like clockwork, you have gone back to the sweats and buns phase.

10. Even though you’re stressed and might not be feeling school anymore, just remember that YOU GOT THIS GIRL.  

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