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Getting ready for a night out is stressful – for me, at least.

You have to plan out your hair, your makeup and, most importantly, your outfit.

I put that in italics because it felt like the only way to get the point across. Have you ever decided on your outfit, thinking you saved yourself time? Then, you end up changing it about six times. Maybe that’s just me.

Sometimes, having a night in is just so much better, and easier.

Here’s why. 


You can wear sweats and not second guess it
Sweatpants Against A Wall
Arianna Tucker / Her Campus

Why would you want to wear jeans and a crop top, when you are cuddled up in your bed?

You can still hang with friends!
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Having a night in doesn’t mean you are necessarily secluding yourself from everyone. Invite your friends over for a movie night! One of my good friends, Mikayla, and I just had a scary movie night. At the moment, I do not have a roommate, so she brought over her projector and projected the movie on the blank wall I have. We ate cookies and drank pink moscato all night. It was great. 

Take a mental health day!

I have been really into facemasks and making motivational Pinterest boards recently. But there are many different ways to take care of yourself! This can include taking a walk, meditation, yoga, taking a nap or anything else you can imagine.

These are the main reasons I like spending a night in.

I do want to clarify that I am in no way shaming anyone who likes to go out, every single weekend. But everyone needs to have a night in, every once in a while, to recharge and relax.

You will thank me later.

Jackie Sizing

Chapel Hill '21

Hello! My name is Jackie Sizing, and I am a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. I enjoy writing about pop culture, lifestyle, and food!
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