UNC vs. Pitt & Family Weekend

This past weekend, families from around the world came to Chapel Hill to celebrate their Tar Heels and watch some Carolina Football. I will preface this by saying that I am a sports lover, not a sports writer, so here’s my take:

If any of you were at the game against the Pittsburgh Panthers, you’ll know that Kenan got pretty toasty….and when I say “toasty” I mean it was so hot I got a tan-line from the UNC sticker on my face. The game could have easily been a miserable experience, but it was the success of the team and my dad’s cheerful presence that made it just bearable enough.

Even with the hot weather and the early game time (#NoMoreNoonGames), the atmosphere in the stadium was full of excitement. Tailgates began early in the morning, and the Heels were finally back for the first home game of the season after Hurricane Florence. Fans from all over the state were waiting for a Carolina win.

It started out with a grueling back-and-forth in the first half. There were definitely mistakes made, ones that seemed fundamental enough to have been avoided. At times, it seemed like Carolina was playing harder not smarter. But hey, the guy sitting behind us sure knew a lot about how UNC should have been playing the game and he made sure everyone in our section knew it. I don’t know what will happen during the rest of the season or how the Heels will shape up, but I do know that if Larry Fedora leaves Chapel Hill, this fan clearly feels he could apply for the position.

Post-halftime though, everything started looking up. A breeze drifted through the stadium, a cloud graced us with its presence and Carolina played smart (finally) and got us to a Carolina Victory! Star players like Dazz Newsome, Antonio Williams, and first-year Dyami Brown took us all the way and gave us a home game win.

I’m interested to see what happens with the rest of our season, and I’m eager to get back to Kenan for another exciting game because there’s nothing like singing the Alma Mater after a Tar Heel win! #HarkTheSound