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Being a senior in college inevitably involves the feeling that the month of May is both right around the corner and ages away. There are some ways that I deal with the bittersweet, conflicting emotions that come with that, but the best way (in my unprofessional opinion) is to think of the things that I’m grateful for. There are so many things that UNC has brought me that I worry about doing without, from rushing Franklin Street to studying in the quad to eating hot dogs at Sutton’s. But one of the top things I’m grateful for is Delta Delta chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.

If you had told me five years ago that I would join a sorority in college, I would have called you crazy. I thought that the foundations of sororities were great, but I bought into some of the not-so-pleasant stereotypes that surround greek life. However, sophomore year I thought “why not” and decided to give it a shot, and now I couldn’t imagine my college years without the organization and the amazing women I get to call my sisters.

I’ve undoubtedly become a better person since joining the organization. There are so many reasons that I could list, but the main one—the one I’ll miss the most—is the sisterhood. Tri Sigma has given me so much, but most importantly it’s given me my family away from home. They’re my best friends, my roommates, and (as corny as it sounds) my future bridesmaids.

As sad as it is that I am leaving Chapel Hill soon, I know that my sisters will always be there for me. I’ll no longer be able to do some things with them, like watch UNC basketball games in the TV room, get ready with them for one of our many mixers, or eat together at our weekly fam dinners. But I know they’ll be just a phone call away and will always be my sisters and some of my best friends. Faithful unto death!


Emmy Barcelona

Chapel Hill '19

A senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Emmy is majoring in English and Psychology.
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