Midterm Season as Told by Leslie Knope

Okay, y’all, it’s that time of year where every single one of your classes is giving you projects, papers and tests that have to be done before Fall Break, and if you’re like me, they’re all due on the same day.

We’re so close to our mini-vacay (the second one of the year thanks to Hurricane Florence), so I’m sure you’re holding on and barely breathing. To make you feel a little bit better about yourself and to brighten up your day with a mindless study break, I thought I'd show you what midterms would look like from Leslie Knope’s point-of-view.


Getting the assignment

Make sure you put ALL your due dates in your calendar and check them twice! You don’t want to end up like I did last year, thinking that you have a ten page paper due in two weeks when it's really a fifteen page paper due in one week….


Trying to get your group to cooperate

Sometimes, you have to step up and be the team leader. Don’t worry about coming off bossy (because I’m sure a male leader wouldn’t be described that way). Just get the job done; you got it, girl.


Contracting the inconvenient plague

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll either get sick during midterms or finals. Personally, I would rather get sick now and get it over with, but either way, GET YOUR FLU SHOTS!! You can get them at Campus Health, Student Stores, CVS, Walgreens, Planned Parenthood, etc.


Going out when you should really be working on that thing that’s due

Honestly, why not go out? Whether it's to celebrate that you finished an assignment or drown your sorrows when you realize you’re doomed—or even just to blow off steam—going out is good for the soul.


The Night Before It’s Due aka Cry Time

When it’s the night before everything is due and you’re trying to type the last words and memorize the last flashcards… good luck. Call your mom and cry. Know that I’m rooting for you.


And finally, Fall Break starts at 5 p.m. on October 17

Embrace the I-40 traffic and enjoy the long weekend! You did it Tar Heels.


I know exams are stressful because when you’re working on something that’s worth 40% of your grade, you’ll lose your freaking mind. Just remember to have fun and enjoy time with friends. Crack a few jokes and have a few laughs, while you’re wasting away in the library.

Now it’s time to take a much-needed break and spend a couple of days relaxing at home. When you see your pets again, make sure you have the same enthusiasm as Ron Swanson did when he saw Lil' Sebastian at the Fair.