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Hey, everyone! As the editor-in-chief of Her Campus at Chapel Hill, I’m loving this new series in which our readers (you!) get to meet our team. This week, you’re meeting Ashley Oldham, a long-time writer for Her Campus at Chapel Hill!  You’ve probably read her articles in the past, but if not, check them out! Ashley is a senior at UNC-CH and hails from Rockingham! She’s been double majoring in both English & Comparative Literature and Sociology, and she also has an education minor (that’s A LOT). You’ve been reading her articles for a while now, but meet the person behind the screen!


Why did Her Campus appeal to you?

Her Campus appealed to me because it gives me the opportunity to write all sorts of things that I enjoy. From listicles to more heartfelt articles (and everything in between), I’ve been able to showcase my creativity in ways that other platforms simply would not allow.

What is your dream job/career path?

My dream job would be to be an author, or maybe to work in publicity, or maybe to work in some capacity in a hospital. I have about a million different ideas running around in my head about my post-graduation plans, but I’m hoping I can combine all of my interests into something about which I’m truly passionate.

What’s something that everyone should know about you?

I love life, and I love everything about the beautiful gift we’ve been given to live it. We’re so blessed, and (even if I might not be totally successful), I try to spend everyday living this life in the best way I can. I love to smile, make friends and make memories that last a lifetime!

You only have one birthday present. What do you want? (not money!)

I would love a ticket to travel to some place I’ve never been to before. There are so many exciting places around the world that I would love to explore, and I would love a chance to get to do that!

What are three movies that describe your life?

High School Musical has to be one, just because I love music, singing and romance; it’s got it all! This isn’t specific, but any Hallmark Christmas movie perfectly depicts my love for the holidays (and sweet romance)! I don’t think this necessarily describes my life, but I love pretty much any horror movie out there, which I know is a little out of character.

What is your perfect day like?

My perfect day would involve waking up at decent time, maybe a nice 8 or 9 a.m.? Not the 6:45 a.m. that is my usual! A nice breakfast and a CUP OF COFFEE. Then, a chance to spend time with friends and family. Maybe a picnic, a hike, a fun spa day, anything! It would end with a chance to curl up on the bed, read a book and fall to sleep at a nice (not super late) time.

What are your hobbies?

I love to read and write (writing short stories, listicles, articles, fictional pieces and everything in between). I love to travel, to explore places and see what all the world has to offer. I adore trying coffees and coffee shops, trying lattes of the day and whatever special blend of syrup and spicy goodness is in their chai lattes and iced coffees. I also LOVE concerts, and I am a full believer that no summer is complete without a few concerts thrown in the mix.


What is your weirdest talent?

It’s not super weird, but I feel like everyone needs that friend who can tell them that word they’ve been trying to think of for the last half an hour, right? Or fix that grammatical error when they can’t seem to understand why it’s wrong to begin with? I tend to be that friend!

What are you most excited to do with Her Campus this year?

I am most excited to expand my writing skills by taking on pieces I am excited to write. I can go out of my comfort zone with deep, heartfelt pieces with a message, or I can have fun with a short listicle. The possibilities are endless, and I’m excited to showcase my skills through all of it!


Ashley Oldham

Chapel Hill '20

Ashley Oldham is a senior English and Comparative Literature and Sociology double major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In her free time she enjoys drinking way too much coffee, attempting to write the next great American novel, and going on spontaneous road trips, all in the name of procrastinating on whatever schoolwork she currently has to do. To see what she's doing next (and get bombarded with cat pictures) follow her on Instagram @ashleyyerinno.
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