How to Seem Like You Have it Together (Even if You Don’t)

Alright Carolina collegiettes, the time of year where stress causes relaxed wardrobes and bad habits is near. Don’t let exams get you down! Her Campus provides some suggestions for looking and feeling your best even when skies are gray.

  1. Bolden your choices

Whether a bright purple lip or a sultry red sweater, choose to wear something that is comfortable but makes a statement. Bright colors show confidence so when you need a little boost, bold choices are sure to make for a successful day.  

2.       Dress to impress

On days when it feels like nothing is going your way, it can be easy to fall into the comfort of wearing workout clothes or your T-shirt. Instead, opt for an outfit that is more professional. Turn jeans into slim-fit pants and a T-shirt into a crisp white button-up blouse. It is proven that dressing well for exams boost confidence and scores. So next time you feel glum, own that pair of editor pants!

3.       Invest in yourself

Pamper yourself once or twice a week with something that relaxes you. A mani/pedi or a face mask will instantly lift the weight of stress. If you love food (let’s be real), treat yourself to a sweet treat like a Sugarland cupcake. Exam preparation can be grueling, so don’t forget to think about yourself!

  1. Work it out

Stress can build up and cause tension on your body. Exercise is the best way to relieve stress and ease your muscles. Try yoga, kick-boxing or Zumba, all available at the SRC and usually at evening times after scheduled classes. If you want a good combination, try Weekend Warrior which is cycling followed by yoga. Sweat the stress out, collegiettes.

Exam time is quickly approaching and the last month of classes has started. These easy fixes will make your November seem a little less hectic and help you keep it together, even if it’s falling apart. HCXO!