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How it Feels to Lose in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament as the Reigning National Champs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

Ah, Natty Champs, the title all college students dream about. In April of 2017, UNC Men’s Basketball team had redeemed themselves from the previous year and could finally be happy that they were on top. And every Tar Heel could proudly say we were the National Champions. However, this happiness didn’t last for long. At the beginning of this season, every other team was aching to defeat the champs.

Once you get to the top, you have no choice but to take a few falls. This season was a tough one to watch at times, but the leadership and energy of Seniors Joel Berry II and Theo Pinson made it all worth it.

The season still created some amazing memories: beating Dook, watching Kenny sink 3 pointers, and crying through some heartwarming senior speeches.

We went into the NCAA tournament with our heads held high following yet another win over Dook. We laughed at NC State after they lost in the first round to an unknown Seton Hall. We were shocked by a #1 seed UVA loss to UMBC. Then reality hit. We suffered a soul crushing loss in the second round to Texas A&M by 21 points.

Thoughts throughout the game for every UNC fan:

Oh Texas A&M? This will be a walk in the park.

We are a second-half team; we don’t need to be worried yet!

We finally have a lead; now we just need to keep it.

I take it back!

We will come back! We always do!

Does our team ever practice shooting?

Alright, this is getting old. Joke’s over: can we start playing well now?

There is no way we are about to lose.

See you next year, March Madness. :(

At least we beat Dook. Twice. And thanks, Kansas, for knocking them out of the tournament!