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How to Incorporate Your Style into Business Casual

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Chapel Hill chapter.

Whether you’re out for an interview, or already have a job/internship (congratulations!), business casual is a part of your life now. It’s hard not to feel like your outfit looks exactly like everyone else’s, but not to worry. Here are some ways to feel like yourself in your business casual wardrobe while still looking professional.


Go for the Gold

Jewelry allows you to infuse your business casual wardrobe with a little personality. With gold-plated jewelry, you can classily slip your personal loves into any outfit. Try a dainty unicorn necklace from Dogeared, an Alex and Ani charm bangle featuring your favorite Disney characters or Wonder Woman stud earrings from Amazon. Using gold as your camouflage, the only limit is your imagination.

Put on Your Big-Girl Pants

When you open your closet, are all of your work pants black, navy, and/or khaki? Spice up your business casual wardrobe with prints and patterns. Florals, plaids, polka dots and stripes are all appropriate, when paired with a solid button-up shirt. Cuts are another great way to get creative: wide-leg chinos, twill joggers and the super trendy paper-bag pants are only the beginning. When playing with shape, focus on fabric. Stay away from anything that you would associate with casual wear like denim, terry cloth, spandex, etc. Trust yourself. You got this!

If the Shoe Fits

It is my personal belief that a woman can never have too many shoes. My closet may disagree with me, but that’s what underneath the bed is for, right? Whether or not you’re on your feet a lot will determine how adventurous you want to be, but every level of comfort holds an opportunity for invention. There’s nothing wrong with a solid leather loafer or flat, but why not try a velvet mule for a change? If slip-ons aren’t your thing, then go for a bootie with cutouts or embroidery. Maybe you like the security of tying your shoes. Try ditching your boring laces for a length of grosgrain or satin ribbon that you can finish off in a bow. If you’re feeling ultra-adventurous, look for a faux fur pom detail.

Blaze Your Own Trail

Not all jackets were created equal, and a blazer is not your only option. Statement jackets paired with solid shift dresses or basics can be a fun way to (appropriately) break the mold, as long as you stay away from denim and camouflage. Silky bomber jackets with embroidery details, faux fur vests, plaid ponchos/shawls and drapey faux suede jackets are all possible if you keep the outfit’s other elements neutral. If you are absolutely in love with blazers (no judgment), then try playing with texture and color. Velvet and suede are some of my all-time favs. Try something in lavender, cherry red or olive green to show the trending fall/winter colors who’s boss.

Jamison McLean

Chapel Hill '20

Jamison is currently a Junior at UNC Chapel Hill, studying both English/Comparative Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing and Communications with a concentration in Media & Technology Studies and Production. She is also an award-winning poet and short story novelist for her works "This" and "The Ladies of Catville," which were featured in "Writer's Digest" magazine. Apart from writing, her current (and maybe forever) obsessions are Bill Murray, boba, the color pink, "The Great British Baking Show," & Oxford commas.