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We’ll be updating this article throughout the week with more info on the students that we are auctioning off at our date auction this Saturday, 9:00-11:30 at the Library.

Carly Buch

Major: Environmental Studies and Public Policy Geography Minor
Year: 2012
Hometown: Raleigh NC
Involvement: ZTA President, 2012 Senior Marshal
Deal breaker: A smoker or someone too full of themselves
Perfect date: Something out of the ordinary, bonus points for something outdoors and active! Definitely not just going to a movie.
Have you had any ridiculous dating experiences? Probably quite a few when I was in Switzerland… Maybe when I went to Rome for the weekend with two Swiss guys, kind of a triple date of sorts, but we drove through the night to Rome for 2 days and it felt like one big long date with the two of them trying to impress me.
My type: fun, funny, not afraid to make a fool of themselves, taller than me.

Paris Flowe

Major: Public Relations and Psychology
Year:  Senior
Hometown:  Mooresville, NC
Involvement on Campus:  Publicity Director for Her Campus UNC
Why should someone want to win a date with you? I’m a lot of fun!
What is a “deal-breaker” you can’t overlook? A deal-breaker for me is if my roommates don’t like a guy.  They know me better than anyone, so if they don’t like him, he’s probably not worth it.
What is your idea of the perfect date? Dinner and a Carolina basketball game!
What’s your ‘type’? I like a guy who can make me laugh!
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Ryan Watts

Major:  Political Science, Business Minor
Year:  Senior
Hometown:  Chapel Hill, NC
Involvement on Campus:  Founder & CEO of D3 Social Media, LLC – Owner and operator of CH Bar Specials, Member of Phi Delta Theta, Eve Carson 5K for Education Committee Chair
 Why should someone want to win a date with you? I love to get to know new people and have a few laughs. I never take myself too seriously and can have fun doing pretty much anything, especially stuff that takes me out of my comfort zone.
What is a “deal-breaker” you can’t overlook? Loud chewers. Mom always told me to chew with my mouth closed.
What is your idea of the perfect date? It’s not about what you do. It’s about the person you’re with. BUT, obviously there are a ton of stereotypical things you can do. As long as there’s some food involved somewhere, I usually have no complaints.
Have you had any ridiculous dating experiences? One time, I had a girl take ME out… She insisted on paying for everything which totally isn’t my style at all. We went to the State Fair and she won ME a giant teddy bear. It was such a total role reversal that it really threw me off. I’ve made sure since to make it clear that it’s ok to split dinner or what not, but the girl is NEVER buying if I can avoid it.
What’s your ‘type’? I always say I don’t have a type and I think that’s actually true. If you can carry a conversation, you’re my type. And I have a puppy, so you have to like those.

Priscilla Townsend

Major:  Dental Hygiene
Year:  Sophomore
Hometown:  Waxhaw, NC
Involvement on Campus: Musician/Singer-songwriter/performer
Why should someone want to win a date with you?
I am a very friendly person who likes to have fun and make people laugh. I also love meeting new people!       
What is your idea of the perfect date?
Well, I love food, different cultures, trying new things, so dinner is always a win.         
What’s your ‘type’?
Someone who can make me laugh and appreciates music!
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Holly Roberts

Major: English,  Psychology (Double)
Year: Senior
Hometown: Havelock, NC
Involvement on Campus:

  • Phi Mu: Sisterhood Development Chair
  • Camp Kesem North Carolina: Camper Care Co-Chair
  • Carolina Blue: UNC Football Spirit Program
  • Gamma Sigma Alpha Greek Honors Society: Vice President
  • Boomerang: Tutor for Suspended Adolescents
  • Senior Marshal

Why should someone want to win a date with you? I’m a huge supporter of fun.  No matter what the date entails – whether going to dinner, a movie, or go-karting – it’ll definitely be a great night. I’m also really easy to talk to, so you wouldn’t have to worry about awkward silences. If that’s not convincing enough, I give great back massages. Truth. 
What is a “deal-breaker” you can’t overlook? Narcissism. It’s so off-putting when someone always manages to turn the conversation back to their own experiences and ONLY their experiences.  A one-sided conversation is just no fun. And side hugs. Not a fan of side hugs. 
What is your idea of the perfect date? I think cliff diving would be part of the perfect date. I’m a pretty adventurous person, so I’d like the date to include a little risk taking. I also live by the beach and love spending my summers there.
Have you had any ridiculous dating experiences?
 I wouldn’t call it ridiculous, but it was definitely embarrassing. One night, my date and I were at the movie theater. He put his arm around me which is really sweet, but it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to do because there was an armrest between us that didn’t move. So I had to sit on my leg in order to get close enough to him without jabbing my torso into this armrest. I didn’t realize was my entire leg had fallen asleep while I was sitting on it. I stood up and went straight back down to the floor, when I got back in my seat, not only was my date starring at me but so was most of the theater. So embarrassing.
 What’s your ‘type’? I don’t think I have a ‘type’ when it comes to physical appearance. What color someone’s eyes and hair are or what clothes someone wears doesn’t really make a huge impression on me, but someone who is confident without being cocky and has a great sense of humor always catches my attention. 

Kenny Haisfield
Major: Fashion Design & Women Studies (Econ & Global Studies)
Year:  Senior
Hometown:  Boulder, CO
Involvement on Campus:  CEO4Teens things and Ice Hockey
Why should someone want to win a date with you? #4theteens
What is a “deal-breaker” you can’t overlook? If she pronounces the “L” in Salmon
What is your idea of the perfect date? Drinks before and at dinner, continuous conversation, good food, dessert not at the restaurant, and a kiss on the cheek.
Have you had any ridiculous dating experiences? Yeah my 1st date ever was in 5th grade.  Elementary school “activity night.”  We were all playing basketball.  My date was defending me.  I think I scored, but I broke her nose in the process… don’t worry, I’ve learned from my mistakes.  If you want to play basketball on our date, we can be on the same team.
What’s your ‘type’? Long hair, don’t care. 
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Kevin Hogan

Major:  Economics     
Year:  2012
Hometown:  Wakefield, RI
Involvement on Campus:  Delta Sigma Pi Professional fraternity
What is a “deal-breaker” you can’t overlook? Smoking.
What is your idea of the perfect date? Good food and pretty much anything that’s not awkward.   
What’s your ‘type’? Athletic or sarcastic girls.
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Kirk Urso

Major: Economics
Year: Senior
Hometown: Lombard, IL
Involvement on Campus: Varsity Men’s Soccer Player
What is a “deal-breaker” you can’t overlook? Laziness and a negative attitude
Have you had any ridiculous dating experiences? Luckily, I have not.    
What’s your ‘type’? It really depends, I wouldn’t say that I have a type, but there are a few things that I look for in a girl.

Ricky Mac: Performer

Mary Cooper: Student Body President


Brittany is a senior Visual Communications major in the UNC-CH School of Journalism and an Entrepreneurship minor, originally from Frederick, MD. This summer she interned in the fashion department of O, The Oprah Magazine in NYC. She has interned at the Durham Herald-Sun Newspaper and as a multi-media producer for the UNC Foreign Language Department and School of Education. Brittany enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, water sports and all things to do with the beach. In the future she hopes to work in the magazine industry, travel and continue practicing yoga.
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