Celebrate Earth Day Today And Every Day By Recognizing How Beautiful Our Planet Truly Is

This year, I think I've grown a lot closer to our planet. I've come to recognize how beautiful Earth is. Going on walks outside, taking time to appreciate my surroundings and, of course, going on elaborate camping and hiking trips have all helped me realize that our planet is beautiful and deserving of praise and recognition. It's also worthy of being treated with care and compassion, something that I think we all too often forget. 

Earth Day is just around the corner, but in order to fully recognize all that this day has to say about our planet, we must first fully recognize just how beautiful it is.

Our planet is so gorgeous. It is so special and amazing and wonderful, and it is so worthy of being treated as such. By taking our time to appreciate how beautiful it is, we can start to really understand why we must preserve its beauty. Hopefully, by seeing the beauty in our planet, we can also see why we should celebrate Earth Day, and why we should learn about the many different ways that we can help our planet — reduce, reuse, recycle.

Our planet's beauty also comes from what it does for us. While it is definitely appealing to the eye, it is also appealing to all of the organisms that it keeps alive and well. While I will be the first to admit that I don't know near as much as I probably should, scientifically speaking, about everything that our planet does for us, I will also be the first to say that I still recognize that those things are occurring. I might not understand it, but I know that Earth is always working in overdrive to sustain everyone and everything.

Our planet is worth a lot. Our planet does a lot for us. When it comes down to it, our planet is worth a holiday every day. Our planet is amazing enough that every single day should be Earth Day. I say that not because it sounds nice, but because it's true. Our planet deserves to be recognized every day for its beauty and for what it does for us — and thus, why it needs to be protected and helped at all costs.

If we began to treat every day like Earth Day, then we might start to do our best to protect resources that we cannot live without. If we began to treat every day like Earth Day, then our planet may truly become an even better place than it already is now.