Carolina For The Kids: Let's Do The DM Thing

This week holds a special place in my heart because it’s our annual Dancer Recruitment Week for the UNC Dance Marathon.

Carolina For The Kids (CFTK) is an organization that touches so many people and changes so many lives. Through the FTK Fund, we’re able to provide meals to parents in the hospital, give gas cards to families who have to travel long distances to get to the hospital and even help people keep the lights on in their homes.

To help make all of this happen, CFTK holds fundraisers throughout the year and celebrates by pledging to stand for 24 hours to show our support for the patients and families. Taking this stand is emotionally and physically draining, but it symbolizes the pain that these families go through every day.

This will be my third year participating in this amazing event, so I wanted to share some of the reasons why the Marathon is so much fun and why YOU should do it too!


1. Performances Galore

If you love Carolina Jump Rope, The Achordants or Kami-Kaze, you’ll definitely want to be at the Marathon! We'll also have some of the amazing a capella groups and multicultural performance groups from UNC. It adds so much fun to the Marathon and showcases the awesome talent on campus.



That’s really all you need to know. We have mountains of free pizza, subs, chicken tenders, cookies, etc! And don’t worry if you have an allergy or special dietary needs, we've got you covered! We’ll also have a constant flow of energy drinks and water to make sure you can keep going!


3. Priceless Bonding Moments

There’s nothing quite like the bond you make with friends when you’re stuck in Fetzer for 24 hours, but it’s the most fun you’ll ever have. You’re unified by love for the organization, and you’re all there to make a difference. You’ll never be bored with your friends around, so get them to sign up too!


4. The Rave

Just when you think your energy is gone, the lights go down and the glow sticks come out! We play the best EDM and get everyone on the dance floor for one straight hour of raving. You might even score a free t-shirt if you get there in time.


5. Family Hour

This is hands-down my favorite part of the marathon. The patients and their families come and dance around with us, and you get to see the impact we can have on them. The children get to play and just be kids for a few hours, and the families get to see how much support they have. It makes everything worth it.


So have I convinced you yet? Don’t you want to sign up? Fill out this Google Form, and I’ll see you in March! The only thing you have to do between now and then is raise $200 and get excited for the best night of the year! And don’t stress out too much about fundraising, we’ll help you every step of the way!