Beauty Tips for the End of the Semester

As the semester winds to a close, it's often hard to focus on anything else other than finishing up school assignments and preparing for those final exams.  That's why I've tried to make at least a few things easier: your health and beauty!  Follow these tips if you're looking for easy ways to improve your health and beauty, or just want to try something new!

Go for a natural look

A liberal amount of concealer can look almost unnatural, and can even make you look older.  Try a more natural look by going light with how much concealer you apply.  Use a smaller brush, too, when applying; it certainly helps! Finally, for those dark circles under your eyes, use the best concealer catered to your individual needs.  Although, a good night's rest certainly remedies those unflattering circles!


Try a healthy face mask

There are a variety of different websites and articles with information about how to prepare your own homemade masks.  Using natural ingredients can really benefit your skin.  From my own friends, I've heard the best time to apply one is after a shower when your pores are open and more susceptible to the effects.  Also, don't be afraid to try new products and experiment with what works best for your own needs! You can check out some of our favorite DIY face masks here.


Find the hue that best suits your skin tone

Don't be afraid to try new colors; they may turn out to suit your skin tone better than your usual color. Finally, don't be too extreme with its application. Instead, try and go lighter and be sure to use the right tool for the job in order to accomplish the shape you desire.


Vitamin C

One of the best ways to guarantee healthy skin is to make sure you intake a lot of vitamin C, which contains a vital molecule for your skin. In fact, many studies have found positive correlations between vitamin C intake and skin health. 



Your skin pretty much always wants and needs moisture, but it's especially important at this time of year. All the pollen outside can be drying! When you plan to spend a lot of time out in the sun, make sure you apply plenty of moisturizing sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation.


What are your favorite skin care tips?