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5 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Applying for jobs or internships is stressful and can seem intimidating. Whether you’re just entering the workforce or looking to change jobs, one thing that can help you secure a position is a well-crafted resume.

Here are five tips to make your resume stand out!

Tailor your resume to the job description

Instead of using one general resume to apply for all jobs, tailor your resume to the job description. List specific skills or past experiences that respond to what the position requires. Not all of them have to be directly relevant, but don’t include too many things on your resume that distract from why you qualify for that specific job. If you have previous experience that isn’t incredibly relevant, find some way to make those skills applicable to the job for which you’re applying. Consider including keywords from the job description to make your resume relevant—but don’t overload on buzzwords.

Research the company

Another surefire way to keep your resume relevant is to research the company. Once you have a handle on the company’s brand, mission statement and priorities, you can more easily tailor your resume to respond to those standards. In doing so, you’re not only communicating to employers why you’d be a good fit for the position, but you’re also demonstrating how you can contribute to the goals of the company as a whole. However, once again, it’s important not to overdo it with the buzzwords.

Consider adding a summary section

If you don’t have one already, consider adding a summary section at the top of your resume. Employers are going to be reading through countless resumes, and they tend to blend together. Giving them a succinct way to remember the most important information about you can help them distinguish you from other candidates.

Less is more

Making sure your resume is concise and organized can go a long way. As previously stated, employers go through a lot of resumes when considering candidates. Maintaining brevity—whether that’s by using concise descriptions or prioritizing relevant information—can help employers easily digest your resume and consider the skills you bring to the table.

Use a professional and appealing format

The content of your resume is important, but so is the visual aspect of it. To make your resume stand out, use a visually appealing format that maintains professionalism. That is to say, use a format that adds a visual element, while still prioritizing content over aesthetics. Don’t use a format with over-the-top graphics or anything that distracts from the content itself. Instead, use a format that highlights and enhances the content with its design. Additionally, use a format that keeps information well-organized and easy to read.

Regardless of what career path you’re looking to pursue, a well-crafted resume is a surefire way to help you along said path. With these tips in mind, revamp your resume; go out there and snatch that dream job! You got this!

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Madison Prentice

Chapel Hill '23

Madison is a first-year from Cary, North Carolina. She's an Advertising & Public Relations major with a minor in Spanish for Business. You can find her on Instagram at @mcprentice or on Twitter at @mcprentice8.
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