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5 Body Positivity Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

With summer fast approaching many young girls and women, including myself, may not be feeling the most confident in their bodies. The world has seen too many highly edited posts of bodies that have been smoothed, reshaped and blurred; we want to see real women, real women who come in all shapes and all sizes, not just in the very narrow standards of beauty we have come to expect from Instagram. So here are some accounts that promote body positivity and will have you feeling amazing in your body just in time for summer! 

The Body Love Society - @thebodylovesociety

This account helps women break out of the diet cycle and become intuitive eaters that feel at home in their bodies. They believe we live in a world where weight is just one of women's main concerns. They know it’s scary to stop focusing on it all the time. But dieting and bingeing is just so exhausting; it can’t go on forever. This account helps you feel confident and good in your body, and they also give wellness tips WITHOUT the obsession! 

Megan Rose Lane - @megan_rose_lane

Megan is a body confidence and mental health advocate who is open and honest about how her body changed after becoming a mom. Her captions are thought-provoking and inspiring, and I love keeping up with her.

We're Not Weighting- @werenotweighting

They have this Instagram page as well as a podcast about living free from dieting and the scale!

Their main mantra is that you probably won't love your body every single day. Do you love anything every single day? Their goal is to help you think about your body less, and instead, be present in your life rather than waiting to lose weight or be a different size before you start living. ⁣

Diana Dares- @diana.dares

Diana specializes in plus-size fashion. She does style guides, DIYs and everything in between. She is also the founder of DARE Magazine. Diana makes it a destination for all things curvy. She has made it her mission to show the world that style has no size by breaking so-called fashion rules and sharing styling tips while emphasizing the importance of loving the skin you’re in. She hopes to empower and inspire you to be daring with your style, no matter the size on your label. 

Megan Jayne Crabbe - @bodyposipanda

Megan Crabbe is one of the first 'body positivity' champions I ever followed and is still one of my favorites. She overcame anorexia to become an absolute body positivity warrior and uses her incredible platform to call BS on society's obsession with dieting, all while encouraging women of all different shapes and sizes to love themselves unapologetically.

So, make your Insta feed a feel-good place by following these uplifting influencers and brands. Some show us the amazing things our bodies can do while others offer tips on how we can be more accepting both of our own bodies and the bodies of our fellow humans.

Gabby is a sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill, studying advertising and public relations.
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