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10 Pinterest-y Spring Fashion Trends I’m Living For

Spring is here, and these are the ten Pinterest-y spring fashion trends I’m living for!

Halter Tops

I’m recently falling in love with halter tops, especially ones where the neck-straps can be crisscrossed on your chest as cute detail! Here is a link to some halter tops on Amazon that are cute and affordable!

Pastel Fits

It’s no secret that pastels come back every spring/summer, but this year I think wearing whole pastel outfits is more “in.” I’ve seen so many light yellow, lilac and sage green dresses and button cardigans that are SO cute and perfect for that springy look!

Mule Sandals

I’ve been seeing plastic mules and strappy mule sandals EVERYWHERE for the past month. With Gucci’s new drop of their plastic mules, I’ve seen so many people buying dupes or more strappy mules. Here is a link to some cute little mules on Amazon that are WAY cheaper than the designer brand!

70s/90s Style Dresses

That green 90s-style midi dress is all over Pinterest and Instagram! Cute 90s and 70s (I think) patterns on dresses are SO in right now. This link has a lot of knit midi dresses with the flower, checkered and circular patterns that are all the rage.

Cartoon-Like Floral Print

This floral is not quite the same type of floral you see every spring. It has flowers that look more drawn on, and the best way to explain it would be looking at THIS bikini from Shein. I’ve been seeing these types of flowers printed on swimsuits and skirts and they look SO cute with a solid colored top/suit cover-up. 

Patterned Pants

I’m absolutely living for patterned pants. They make a statement for any outfit and I’m seeing them all over Pinterest and Instagram. They look so cute paired with a thick strapped tank top or a baby tee too! My favorite at the moment is green or brown and white zebra print denim pants. But there are so many printed pants that give off the Y2K look on Shein, Amazon and Etsy! Here’s a link to zebra ones on Shein.

Cross-body Sweater Tying

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of girls finish their pastel looks with a sweater or cardigan tied across their bodies (one shoulder). It looks SO cute in pictures and is the perfect addition to get that spring-esque look!


Corsets have become all the rage over the past few weeks and there are so many cute ones online. I love that a lot of the newer ones that people are buying are meant to look cute rather than try to reshape waists because that can be very dangerous! The corsets at this link on Amazon have the cute U-shaped bottom and clasps up the front. LOVE!

Straight Leg Jeans

We’ve all seen that skinny jeans are apparently out and mom/straight-leg jeans are in! Although I think both styles are cute, I love that baggier jeans are making a come-back, and they look so cute with a tighter top!

Baguette Purses

I LOVE purses and small baguette purses are perfect for holding the essentials and finishing off any outfit. The crocodile textured ones are my favorite, but nylon or any fake leather small purses look so cute! I’ve recently seen so many cute spring and summer outfits being styles with small purses. These small purses can be found on Shein for a VERY affordable price (less than $10) or on Amazon for about $20!

Graci Daby

Chapel Hill '22

Graci is a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill studying advertising and public relations. She has passions for digital art and content creating, writing and poetry, fashion, iced coffee, and pop culture.
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