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The 3 Best Birthday Ideas: Online

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CCCU chapter.

We’re all sick of giving the same lousy card and vouchers for birthdays, so why not do something different? Here are CCCU’s Top 3 Best Birthday Presents: Online Edition!

1. Blossoming Gifts

Everyone loves flowers, but buying them can be a hassle – so why not get them delivered? All the hard work is done for you, but you look great because you can send the birthday girl a beauitful personalised bouquet straight to her front door! 

Thanks to the wonderful people at www.blossominggifts.com, we can even give you 30% off if you use the code: HERCAMPUS30 

2. Literary Emporium

Do you have a bookworm in your life? Are you sick of panic buying them the latest bestseller in the hope they haven’t read it? Well stop right now: www.literaryemporium.co.uk is one of the biggest online book-themed present suppliers. 

3. Her Campus Book!

If you’re bestie is as big of a HC fan as you are, why not pre-order them a copy of The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life (click the link to find out more!) 

Click here to pre-order now! 


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