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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Picture this: it’s circa 2011 and you’re fanning the sweat from your face on the playground as you just finished the nastiest Cat Daddy battle the world has ever seen — and of course you won. Let’s check the ‘fit for a moment. You’re rocking either a fresh pair of Adidas Samoas or some hi-top Converse coupled with a pair of white, calf-high socks. 


Your khaki uniform shorts are supported by the infamous checkered belt matching the color of your kicks while your Aeropostale or Hollister uniform polo is buttoned to the top button. The backpack, you ask? It’s either Jansport or Vera Bradley depending on the amount of money your family had. To top off the look, you’re either sporting a colorful bow or a pair of 3D glasses with the lenses conveniently punched out. Let’s not forget the ultimate status symbol: a dog chain draped around your neck triumphantly displaying your Mindless Behavior crush’s face.

Right before the bell rings, you desirously dial 323-319-6060 with the hopes that the love of your life picks up on the other end. 


Mindless Behavior was the cultural reset for little Black girls everywhere, no questions asked. When the group debuted in 2008 with hit singles “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right,” there wasn’t a girl under the age of 16 who didn’t instantly fall in love. The group consisted of teen heartthrobs RayRay, Roc Royal, Princeton (the Michael Jackson of the group), and lead singer Prodigy.


Everyone had their favorite member, so below I’ll tell you what your childhood crush says about you and your love life now as an adult.


Ray Ray

Ray Ray was the life of the group. He kept everyone laughing and in good spirits. If he was your Mindless Behavior crush, you’re the type to fall for personality before looks. Your partner has to match your goofy side while also offering reassurance and understanding.

Roc Royal

If Roc Royal was your crush, you’ve more than likely spent your life looking for “the one.” You’re a firm believer in “there’s someone for everyone,” and won’t feel complete until you find your soulmate. Although you try to hard your soft side with a hard exterior, deep down inside you know that you’re a hopeless romantic.


If you spent your younger years lusting after Prodigy, you wear the pants in any relationship you get into. You have to be in control 100 percent of the time, and if something doesn’t go your way, you’re quick to call it out. If you and your partner get into an argument, 9/10 you’re not saying “sorry” first. You let your pride get in the way of the true feelings that you have. Although you’re stubborn, you love hard, making it easy to connect with you. You’re your partner’s number one fan and biggest support system. 


If Princeton was your Mindless Behavior crush, you probably haven’t been in a long term relationship yet. You believe in living freely and this also applies to your love life. You like to get your options open, so you typically see multiple at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that! In your case, however, you never want to admit that settling down may not be too bad. Although you’re living life with your options open, you’ve looked at your friends’ relationships at least once, longing to have a love like theirs.

The tenacious Arianna Johnson is a junior mass media arts major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in political science at thee illustrious Clark Atlanta University. She's from the place where bigger is better: Dallas, Texas. This means that her love for BBQ is almost as big as her love for her state! She enjoys writing, shopping, makeup and here recently, doing nails. She hopes to one day write for CNN, Teen Vogue, Essence and more. If you're looking for sarcasm, political commentary, Black girl struggles, all things beauty and everything in between, then she's your girl!