Tips to Get Through The Rest of Semester

Finally, we are midway through the semester. This has been a school year of Zoom calls, Tik Toks and papers. Students are hanging on by a thread to get to the finish line. It’s tough trying to maintain a social life, mental health and school. However, with the right mentality and a couple of tips we can make it through. Here are some tips to help you get through the rest of the spring semester, from one student to another.

Prioritize. Now, this may sound cliché, but I can assure you it can help. Of course, it is important to prioritize your studies, but also remember to prioritize yourself. Set aside time for studying and taking mental breaks. It is always important to prioritize what is most important. Don’t allow a school to consume your mind, but also remember it is you who has to do the work.

Time Manage. We tend to be our own worst enemies in the work category. We procrastinate because we think we have time. We can be intimidated by assignments, and sometimes we really don’t feel like doing work. These are all valid thoughts. However, it is important to remember to stay focused and try to get the work done. Remember that you can do this, you are capable, and you are intelligent.

Ask for help. Seek help if there a subject you are falling behind on. Teachers tend to have office hours so that you can reach out for whatever extra help you may need. Also, make sure to ask plenty of reassuring questions during class (no question is a stupid question). Also, try a study group with friends. Surround yourself with people who may understand the course, and what you are going through. If that doesn’t work, always remember that Google and Socratic are your best friends.

Create a strategy. This semester has been full of tests, Zooms, and papers. It is beginning to get rather repetitive. Devising a strategy to help yourself through these dreadful tasks can be wise. Some strategies could be writing vocab five times each, re-reading notes, or sitting in silence before class to mentally prepare yourself. If these tips don’t work, try a strategy of your own.

Give Yourself A Break. Now, we must remember that we are in a pandemic or personal pan pizza as I like to call it. We have to recognize that this has been a year beyond our control. We are giving our best and we are trying. If this year didn’t turn out how you thought, do not beat yourself up. Allow yourself to have a moment to yourself, and away from the computer screen. Overexerting yourself isn’t going to make this semester any easier.

Whether you are in middle school, high school, college, and beyond; remember to put yourself first. Hopefully, this list can help you to push through the rest of the semester. Don’t beat yourself up and remember that you’ve got this. We are almost there!