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Tia Reid, Class of 2019!

Name: Tia Reid

Classification: Sophomore

Where are you from?: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Accounting and Finance

If you could put your freshman year into 2 words…what would they be and why?: Hmm…two words, just two? Lets think about this…it was growth and I would say adjustment because I started to figure out like myself and discovery.

Since you are very fashionable, you seem pretty dope on Instagram because I have watched your Instagram, so what made you decide and choose certain styles that says “This is me, I have to buy this!”: Well, it’s more,… okay so my dad, he is a fashion person. He is really serious when dealing with fashion. There are certain times where I ask him before I go to school, “Is this appropriate?”. Also, I love business casual, I really love business casual and business attire, that is another reason why I chose business as a major as well. If you look in my closet it is more business casual, when I went to high school we would wear uniform and when I dressed down it had to be business casual, so I am just used to wear business casual and I try to incorporate it to be a little bit of fashionable and not dull…I just put my own personality in it. You would see me with something fitted, but not “my body” fitted. Even when you look on my Instagram, when I do go out it is in something like, classy not that much revealing

Since you’re a sophomore, what helped you get over that “home sick” feeling and how did your parents react?: I wasn’t really home sick, I was actually happy to go away. Maybe because I was shelter, I feel like my family did everything for me since I was the youngest. My dad, he washed my clothes, my mom, she cooked me food. I tell her that I am hungry and she drops money in my account so I can get food. Certain times when I stay to myself, she would just give me a week of food she would just buy. I am so used on depending on them. Like in certain money situations, I had to figure out on my own. I would look at this moment as if I don’t have the money right now I need to figure out juggling my plans. I learned better independence and I felt like I was so stuck on my parents like I depend on them for everything, even my siblings too.

How did your parents react when you were down here? Did they call you ten times or blow your phone up?: My parents, really did not want me to come here. My parents did not want me to go to a HBCU, they felt as if I would not fit because I went to a predominately white school all of my life. So, they felt like I wouldn’t be able to fit.

How do  you like your HBCU?: I actually love it because I felt more connected to the business school and was a better home for me, which is why I chose Clark. My other option was either University of Kansas and when I went there it was cool, some of my friends went there and goes right now but I felt more at home here than when I went to Kansas, it feels like a different atmosphere here. Like my feeling here, I connected with them…I connected with Kansas too but the feeling here really sparked.

If you could live the life of one celebrity, who would it be?: It’s either Beyonce or Kanye West. Those are my two favorite celebrities, also Kanye West, I love his fashion and how real he is and he is a very creative genius and I love creativity. And Beyonce, in my eyes is basically a female version of him with creativity. Because her tours are very creative, his tours are very creative, there isn’t anyone’s tours that could top theirs.

If you could give your freshman self any advice, what would it be?: Do not overdue yourself, it is okay to say no.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?”: After I cross the stage, I want to be an accountant for a couple years, so then after that I want to go to law school and focus on intellectual property. With intellectual property I want to focus on accounting and be a paddon lawyer.

Any requests for the audience?: Yeah, follow me on Instagram @_tiarose and Twitter @__tiarose.

Why did you choose business as a major?: When I went to high school, I went to a law camp for all four years and they told me figure out what kind of law you want to do because certain laws require you to have certain stuff in undergrad and some law do not care what you do. So a lot of lawyers told me do not major in political science, you don’t want to do politics you are wasting your money, you are wasting four years of your undergrad. They said do not do criminal justice because you are not interested in criminal law or anything, you do not want to prosecute. Being a paddon lawyer requires to have a business background or a STEM background, so being in political science they do not even consider that as a science, you need biology or Chemistry.

Favorite Clothing & Shoe Stores:

– A’gaci , a store in Chicago

– H&M, preferably shop for business clothes

– Nordstorms, business heels and flats

-Akira, casual heels and booties

-Foot Locker, casual shoes

She spilled the tea on her style and even gave us a few locations to get the same style fit! Thank you Tia, for allowing Her Campus to interview you!


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