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Miguel: War x Leisure

            Miguel has come back with a groundbreaking album for the world to listen to. War x Leisure dropped December 1st, and everyone including myself CANNOT stop listening to this piece of art. With this being his fourth album, he took his time and channeled his politically-awaken side to discuss the hidden issues of the racially-division, that orange man in the white house and a call to action for everyone to unite. He brought in artist such as J. Cole, Rick Ross and Kali Uchs for some top-notch hits off the album while bringing a variety of sound.

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            This album brought back a 21st century Prince essence and what Miguel wanted to do with this album was “a call for celebration….we’re all being pulled in all these directions, everybody, doesn’t matter what you do. But I do think whatever your real time permits that strikes a chord. That’s pretty much what it is, if I hear about something and I have the time let’s do it. I want to learn, I want to contribute. That’s another thing I’m learning, your actions are gonna be way bigger.” War and Lesiure is an album with a message that speaks to those who wants their voice to be heard, their spirits to rest, and bring about responsibility that each and everyone of us is lacking some part of our lives. Miguel’s lyrics and soulful sound puts us all in a space of comfort and zen despite what’s going on in the world.


Criminal, Pineapple Skies and Skywalker are the first three songs off the album that sets the tone of how Miguel’s emotions and mood for the rest of them. Skywalker featuring Travis Scott was Miguel’s first single off War and Leisure that gave everyone the good vibes and chill by the funkadelic sounds of the guitar playing and carefree lyrics.


Diving deep into the rest of the album, we come across my two favorite songs “Wolf ft. QuiN” and “Harem”. These two tracks are a sensual spin on love and offering it to that special woman who wants it. The metaphors Wolf and Harem are two ways how Miguel describes himself and the acceptance of romance in both an edgy and multifaceted way. Switching back into the jovial side of himself, “Told You So” was Miguel’s second single released a few weeks ago gives listeners an upbeat tempo with playful lyrics.


In contrast, “Now” is one of my favorite socially-adverse songs he has composed. In one of his interviews, he discusses the education block in California schools and how it’s impact on the future of the upcoming generation. Another song that’s on the similar issues is “Come Through and Chill” originally released on Soundcloud in 2016, but remixed with J. Cole and Salaam Remi with powerful verses that touch in the growing issue of police brutality. Cole’s opening verse is eye-opening just like his own music (still waiting on people to give this man his credit, but….. I digress) and it’s real. Miguel’s purpose is for his fans to examine outside of our own lives and stand up for others as a united force.  credit: vevo.com


Overall, War and Leisure is the album to end off 2017 with a bang for everyone to come into 2018 with the mindset of taking back what’s ours, standing in our truth and bringing back the love that’s in all of us.


Make sure to check Miguel’s latest album “War and Leisure” on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud. Tickets for his tour is on sale now as well.

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