Another week, another intriguing viral topic involving black people, particularly a black woman. At the University of Hartford, a young woman by the name of Chennel ( Jazzy ) Rowe posted a video describing the horrible things her roommate had been doing to her over the course of a year without her knowledge at all. To begin with, we've all had our share of horrid roommates, many can testify that it led to arguments or even fights, but when something of this caliber is called to the attention of social media it's hard to ignore. I can personally attest to a bad roommate situation, while I won't use names because that's uncalled for, I dealt with a "dirty" roommate. But now I thank my lucky stars that I never encountered such a roommate as this. I also received personal testimonies from a few students as well. 

"I had a roommate who was a druggy, she sold drugs outside of our dorm and when I tried to get a roommate agreement she didn't even care." - anonymous

"I had a roommate who'd bring different guys in our room every night which made me feel disgusted." - anonymous

Both terrible situations, both situations that should be handled. It's easy to simply say "she needs her a** beat" but what she really needs is to be arrested, which luckily justice for jazzy was served as of recently when the roommate was arrested, now back to the story.

Currently, Jazzy Rowe is a freshman at the university, but when she recently discovered a bacterial infection linked to the entire case, the viral video was born. The roommate goes by the name of Brianna Brochu, here's where the irony comes in.

1) Brianna is Caucasian

2) Brianna described her roommate as " I got rid of Jamaican Barbie" (envy w/ a dab of racism?)

3) Brianna has entire Instagram page where she does braids ...

but this is all besides the point when it comes to this disgusting story As Jazzy began to complain of feeling uncomfortable in her own room because of tension she felt with her off-putting roommate, the university did virtually nothing until an RA showed Jazzy a long Instagram post written by her roommate detailing the things she's done to her roommate over the course of the year (pictures included). Some of the things she atrociously did include:

1) running used tampons on her back

2) putting her toothbrush up her butt

3) mixing moldy clam dip in her facial lotion

4) spitting in her hair products and more

With all these facts from the story, do you gather that the situation was racially driven and that she needs her a** beat and to be expelled? Me too. While various court documents of the encounter have been realized, the entire world is watching in an outcry to assure that racially motivated situation just as the one that occurred with Jazzy come to an end. It is easy to pull the "once all the old racist die, racism will be over card" and ignore the fresh practicing faces such as Brianna. Since the student has thus far been arrested, mugshot included on the post and all, we're going to watch with the best intentions for Jazzy and hope she gets the help and justice she deserves.

You can watch Jazzy Rowe video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy05UoJz2Jo