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Just Breathe

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

Wise words from a very wise man, Frederick Douglass. During these trying times that I call “Junior Year”, I would like to remind you all to just breathe. Sometimes school will feel overwhelming; like you’re going to lose it if you get one more assignment. It’s hard to accept the feeling of being drowned with school, social life and maintaining your personal everyday responsibilities.

As a junior in college, I’m currently feeling like I won’t make it through this semester. I had to sit down and tell myself to just breathe. I know that I’ll get through it and all of these assignments won’t be the death of me, but it’s sometimes harder than that. It takes more than just one deep breath to get those emotions and stress under control. Sometimes, you’ll have to close everything, including your journals and laptop, put your pen down and take off your glasses. You’ll have to lay down with your eyes closed and remind yourself that it’ll be okay. We honestly are not that far into the semester, but it only takes one missed deadline or one too many meetings to feel like you might fall apart.

I just want to remind my “stretched too far and too thin” sisters and brothers out there that it ain’t over. It won’t be over until you say it’s over. You’ll make it through this semester, you will meet those deadlines and you will pass those tests that you’re worried about. Remember to eat your breakfast and brush your hair, because you still need to look good while accomplishing your goals this semester.

I know that it’s easy to throw yourself into your work, but speaking from my own personal experience, I’ve had to stop and remind myself that it isn’t healthy to neglect my own needs. Those needs include rest and alone time, healthy foods and not beating myself up about every little thing. It’s hard, but it is also necessary. I realized that being a perfectionist shouldn’t include emotional distress. It’s not fair to myself or the people around me. I know that there will be struggle, but the progress will come in due time. I need to maintain my sanity throughout the entire process, that is better said than done, I know. I’m still working on that, and I can assume that so many people out there are doing the same thing. It’s okay, just breathe.

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