How To Channel Your Inner #GirlBoss

Pop Quiz: Which one of these college student generalizations do you identify with?

A. You only attend class, eat at the dining hall, and return back to your dorm. You may attend an off-campus party once in a while, but you prefer your own solitude.

B. You barely attend class, eat on campus, and stay in your dorm. On a Tuesday evening, you can be found in the city trying a new restaurant or lounge.

C. You’re not sure if you like your classes, your major, or even your institution. You haven’t quite figured yourself out yet and wonder if you are wasting your precious time and money.

D. You want to be the perfect college student; 4.0, involved, well-known, and generally, living your best life. However, that isn’t going so well and you constantly beat yourself up over it.

If you find yourself nodding your head at any of these statements and wondering how you can improve your lifestyle, becoming a #GirlBoss might be the perfect solution for you. A #GirlBoss doesn’t necessarily mean the owner of a successful company; for some women, it’s simply an individual who is organized, resilient, intelligent, ambitious, assertive, and most importantly, confident! Basically, someone who possesses a boss-like mentality.

Here are five easy tips on how to channel your inner #GirlBoss and boost your productivity and efficiency when going after goals.  


It is so important to stay organized in all aspects of your life, regardless of how significant or trivial it is. If you cannot organize something as simple as your school work, you should highly consider investing in an oversized calendar, good quality planner and a small journal. The calendar would be used to keep track of important dates, deadlines, birthdays, etc. The planner is self-explanatory and when used correctly, it can make a huge difference in your life. Lastly, the small journal would be used to write down daily thoughts, to-do lists, goals, and ideas.


In actuality, your mind is one of the most powerful tools you will ever have. If you claim greatness and success, that is what you will attract. Being positive and optimistic will change your life for the better no matter what you are going through. Also, be careful about what you are saying aloud and wishing for. For example, constantly putting yourself down, even if you’re only "joking." By doing this, your mind will start to believe whatever negative comments you are making about yourself. Finally, don’t be a pessimist. Always think about the long-term benefits regardless of how far reaching your goal seems.


This one is self-explanatory. The earlier you learn how to be independent, hold yourself responsible and accountable, and generate your own income, you’re putting yourself at an advantage. You cannot be a boss by waiting for other people to assist you with your goals. Sometimes, you have to go out and accomplish them on your own. By depending on people, you’re placing expectations on them which will eventually lead to disappointment and wasted time.


There will be plenty of times where you want to give up. Don’t. Remind yourself why you started in the first place. If you’re going to start a new project, business, organization, etc, make sure you have the time to do so. Never bite off more than you can chew because you’ll find yourself stressed out rather than enjoying whatever it is you’re doing.


Confidence is key when it comes to channeling your inner #GirlBoss. It’s a must that you love who you are on the inside and out. Assertiveness can also be associated with confidence which is basically standing up for yourself. As a woman in this society, we are seen as inferior. It is essential to know how to stand your ground and not allow people to walk over you.

Channeling your inner #GirlBoss will take time, but the result will be worth it. Think about where you are now and where you can be in a month! Now, put in the work.